Benefits of Investing in Compact Swivel Skates

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Benefits of Investing in Compact Swivel Skates

There are a variety of benefits that will come with investing in compact swivel skates for your light to medium load moving needs. These machinery skates offer directional control that provides stability and safety to any warehouse or industrial setting. Read on to discover why compact swivel skates may be the right choice for the convenience, efficiency, and safety of your work space. 

What Are Compact Swivel Skates?

Compact swivel skates are a small and low profile form of machinery skate consisting of a dolly top frame, a friction plate, and a swivel plate. They are designed for moving loads in the range of 1.5 to 12.5 tons per skate. 

Notably, the swivel plate offers full directional control and reduces movement without requiring a locking mechanism. Additionally, compact swivel skates can perform straight line load moving applications as well; the swivel tops can be simply removed with a hex key wrench.  

Being fully adaptable to your needs, these skates are available as steel rollers or polyurethane-coated rollers. The steel roller compact swivel skates are a good option for the heavier items and equipment in your warehouse as they are highly durable, particularly in settings with floors that are cracked or bumpy. Additionally, the steel rollers can be permanently installed, if needed. 

The polyurethane-coated option also provides maximum load capacity and is a good option for ensuring protection for more pristine and delicate floors. Common use settings include those with epoxy-coated floors, such as those commonly found in the aerospace and military fields.  

Hevi Haul sells compact swivel skates individually and in 6 and 10-ton kit capacities, each available in steel and polyurethane-coated options. And for specialized jobs that don’t quite fall in the functionality and capacity ranges offered, check out our modified and custom skate offerings

Compact Swivel Skates Improve Safety & Save Money

In addition to the convenience and efficiency of moving light to medium loads with swivel skates, they also significantly improve safety for warehouse workers. This improvement in safety is the primary reason to invest in compact swivel skates for your load moving applications. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) pocket guide on warehouse worker safety includes a number of cautions about improper handling and injuries related to falling items and equipment. Indeed, these kinds of hazards lead to a majority of worker injuries as well as lost and damaged inventory. 

Securing your product and equipment while transporting them with reliable and adaptable moving mechanisms is one of the best investments you can make for your business’s financial growth and your employees’ safety. 

Contact Hevi Haul About Our Custom Skates

If you have been researching the best machinery skates for moving light to medium load capacities, look no further than our compact swivel skates. You will find them to be reliable, convenient, safe, and adaptable to your setting and specific inventory and equipment needs. Turn to Hevi Haul for compact swivel skates. Contact us to ask any questions related to investing in compact swivel skates and other machinery skate options.

When it is time to move a heavy load, you are going to want to use the safest and most effective method. Machinery skates are likely going to be your best choice when it comes down to it. We know that skates are used to move these large, industrial loads, but how do machinery skates actually work? 

The Difference Between Types of Machinery Skates

The function of using Hevi-Haul machinery skates is to move a variety of heavy loads under a wide variety of different conditions one may be working in. Versatility is key, it is another reason these skates stand out from the rest. When it comes to different loads, and different paths of traveling with the skates, you are going to want to find the right type of skate to match the job. Here are the different types of machinery skates that Hevi Haul offers:

Straight Line Skates

The straight-line skate lines are the ultimate machinery moving dollies for transporting large loads when you have a flat, straight line. Ideal for narrow, limited space moving. These types of skates can hold from 2.5 tons to 100 tons per skate. Hevi Haul offers straight-line skates in three varieties: slim, short, and long. 

Utility Skates

If the machinery you need to move is on a flat surface, but need to make some maneuvering moves, utility skates are likely the right option for you. These versatile machinery dollies are made for turning and straight line moving. While these skates are not meant for the heaviest-duty weight carrying, they can still pack a punch with capacities of 1.5 to 37.5 tons per skate. Hevi Haul utility skates are available in two varieties: tilting and non-tilting. 

Compact Swivel Skates

Perfect for light to medium duty loads requiring full directional control, compact swivel skates are perfect for all purpose moving. These skates have a capacity ranging between 1.5 tons to 12.5 tons per skate. Hevi Haul’s swivel tops are easily removable with a hex key wrench for straight line moving applications without the need to purchase additional skates.

Skate Factors To Be Considered

Using the right skate combination is key. When using this equipment while working with a large load, a variety of factors should be taken into consideration. The factors of load configuration, physical size, and shape often dictate the number of support points required. These deciding factors will help determine the number of skates needed for the job. It will also determine the distribution of the equipment. 

How Machinery Skates Are Loaded 

The actual process of using machinery skates seems generally straightforward, but doing so actually requires a lot of precision to ensure it is done effectively and safely. You will have to ensure you have the right equipment to load the skates correctly. The load must be lifted properly onto the skates in a manner where the skates can be distributed. Whether this is by using machinery to lift the load or other equipment such as a toe jack, it will be determined by the size of the load and the number of skates that need to be used. 

The Engineering Behind Load Moving Skates

Our load-moving skates are engineered to move the world. Every part of the skate has a specific purpose which allows for maximum results. The steel cleats embed themselves into wood skids or blocking to ensure alignment and grip. The fully welded steel frame is sourced from high-quality North American steel. The grease fittings of the skates allow for easy lubrication and minimum maintenance. The heat-treated needle bearings are the full length of each roller which allows for smooth moving. Finally, our wide roller stance helps bridges, cracks gaps, and holes in floors. 

Industries That Rely On Machinery Skates

Without the help of machinery skates, many different industry types will have trouble moving the heavy loads they need to properly do their work. Companies such as professional machinery movers, rigging companies, structure moving companies, and municipalities with large load moving needs would be left in a difficult position if machinery skates were not available to assist with these transfers. 

Hevi Haul Leading The Way With Machinery Skates

Since 1938, Hevi Haul has been manufacturing world-class machinery skates that have assisted in the toughest moving projects. With skate systems that are built to last and always offering rugged durability and American-made quality in both function and design, Hevi Haul should be your first choice when it comes to finding the right skate for your heaving load moving. Contact us today to learn more about our different skates and how we stand out from the rest! 

Everything You Need on Your Rigging Equipment Checklist

Injuries have cost companies as much as $62 billion in a single year. For material movers, the right rigging equipment is a must to reduce injuries and boost efficiency. But it can be hard to know the must-haves when it comes to rigging tools, especially with the weight and pressure of giant jobs.

Don’t worry. When it comes to heavy rigging equipment, we’re here for support. Here is a list of everything you need before you get moving.

First, What Is Rigging Equipment?

Rigging equipment is gear needed to lift and support materials. And to say it’s important is an understatement. More than half of all mobile crane accidents happen because of problems in the rigging stage.

What heavy lifting equipment needs to be in place to hoist a load?

Get Off the Ground with Hooks

Quality hooks can act as a hand or lend support like a joint. The key to lifting with hooks is securing a sturdy grip. If hooks slip, cargo could crash hard.

Here are a few common hooks:

  • Self-locking – As the name suggests, these hooks clamp shut to keep items secure.
  • Clevis – These hooks can connect directly to cables or chains.
  • Slip – Each of these hooks are like a doorway, letting chains slide through and wrap around objects.

Need added support?

Get Rooted with Shackles

When it comes to lifting tons at a time, shackles have been a sturdy go-to for decades. Shackles are built to link up a solid base to a heavy load. They have two parts: a pin and curved shackle. There are different combos of pin and body pieces, including screw pins, round pins, anchor shackles, and chain shackles.

What about hardcore connectors?

Tie it All Together with Ropes, Chains, and Slings

Ropes and slings are one of the most used types of rigging equipment. But with half a dozen different types of slings, nailing down the perfect type depends on the job. Here are a few of the most popular materials out there:

  • Wire
  • Chain
  • Metal mesh

Once the cargo is up, what’s the best way to move it?

Glide Smoothly with Machinery Skates

Machinery skates are built for massive moves. For instance, in 2016, a 300,000-pound tavern was relocated using Hevi-Haul skates. Once a big structure is propped up, these friction fighters can help carry heavy loads to their final destination.

Here are some common types of machinery skates:

But even if the rigging equipment checklist is complete, tapping into professional advice can make or break a job.

Let the Pros Carry Some Weight

When it comes to heavy rigging equipment, the stakes are high. A recent OSHA study involving heavy moving found one in three accidents involved problems in rigging. Doing research and getting help from the experts could safeguard against wrecked jobs and injuries.

Have questions about what options are best for a project? We’re here to lend a hand. Visit our news page, or contact us today and get advice from the experts.

Stay Safe: Your Guide to How to Move a Gun Safe

As a safe gun owner, you know the importance of a gun safe to keep your family and children out of harm’s way. Gun safes, however, can also be dangerous. Gun safes used to protect assault rifles can weigh between 500-800 pounds, making their transport a difficult task.

In fact, people can die from improperly moving a safe. This very thing occurred in 2014, when a 19-year-old mover was crushed to death when attempting to move a safe.

With gun safes even reaching upwards of 1,000 pounds, it becomes even more important to learn how to properly move a gun safe.

How to Move a Gun Safe

You’ll inevitably need to move your gun safe. Whether this move is from one bedroom to another, or even to a new home across the country, it’s important to know how to move a gun safe while remaining safe. Keep reading for five helpful tips for moving a gun safe.

1. Know What You’re Handling

Each gun safe is different. They differ in dimensions, weight, and handling capabilities. You need to know your safe’s dimensions and weight so you can use appropriate equipment. It’s also helpful for foreseeing any potential difficulties in moving it from one location to another.

For example, is the safe too wide to fit through the door, so it needs to be turned in a particular direction? Are there gadgets or knobs that extend out and may snag on furniture or door frames?

Knowing the dimensions and weight of your safe is essential to anticipating any issues and properly executing the move.

2. Prepare Your Workspace

First and foremost, it’s important to remove the guns and place them in a secure location. Guns will add to the weight of the safe and may even move around in the safe if left in there, making transport more difficult.

You’ll then need to lay down blankets and durable materials on the floor (such as Masonite wood) to help glide the safe and prevent it from damaging floors.

If you want to keep your safe unscathed, you may also consider wrapping it in plastic or blankets to avoid damaging it during the move.

3. Find 3+ Helpers and a Path

Make sure you know exactly the path you are taking to move the gun safe. Be sure to move any obstacles from the way.

Using at least three helpers and a heavy-duty furniture dolly or machinery skate, you can load the safe onto the dolly and safely transport it to its new location. For a refresher course on the best way to operate a dolly, click here.

Don’t Risk It

A heavy safe is something you should not underestimate. These steps outline how to move a gun safe, but it’s important to know your limits. If you cannot find at least three helpers or don’t have the proper equipment (and the knowledge to use it), do not attempt the move. Consider hiring professional movers instead.

For more tips on moving heavy machinery and tools to help you during your move, check out our blog today.

All About Compact Swivel Skates

Moving industrial machinery can be a time-consuming and difficult operation, and it doesn’t always allow for a straight line path to the desired destination. Obstacles, surface imperfections, and safety concerns are just a few of the reasons that a move may have to take an alternate course that requires more flexibility in the skates beneath the object. For these special cases, Hevi-Haul is proud to offer a complete line of exceptional quality compact swivel skates, allowing for a lot of moving capacity in a small, low profile package.

Hevi-Haul Compact Swivel Skates are perfect for light to medium duty loads requiring full directional control. With capacities ranging from 1.5 tons to 12.5 tons per skate, and rolling on interchangeable steel or polyurethane coated rollers, these skates are built to last, allowing complete directional flexibility for your toughest moves.

In Hevi-Haul’s rugged compact swivel skate design, the friction plate between the top frame of the dolly and bottom surface of the swivel plate on each swivel top skate reduces swimming under load and eliminates the need for a locking mechanism. Each skate’s swivel top is easily removable with a hex key wrench, allowing the skate to be used for straight line moving applications as well. This dual-purpose functionality will save you time and money, reducing costs and increasing profits.

Available steel rollers provide maximum durability that can handle extended resting loads and even be used for permanent installation. These workhorse rollers are the best choice for all purpose moving. Rough and uneven floors are traversed with ease by Hevi-Haul steel rollers.

When the move is more delicate, and the floor requires additional protection, Hevi-Haul also offers polyurethane coated rollers. Heavy loads that need to be moved on marrable surfaces such as epoxy floors, common in aerospace facilities and military installations, are easily and safely accommodated by polyurethane coated rollers. These rollers were researched and developed to move the heaviest loads with floor protection in mind, and are not recommended for extended resting loads or on rough rolling surfaces, or surfaces that may be covered with debris.

Compact Swivel Skates are available individually as well as convenient kits with a steel job box and placement handle. The Rocker Top models CS-25 and CS-25-P both provide built-in tilting functionality.

Contact us today to learn more

Hevi-Haul Skates have been trusted by professional rigging companies and machinery movers for over 80 years as the premier family owned American brand machinery dolly. Contact us today for a personal answer to all your inquiries.