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Common Skate Options For Moving Large Equipment

In industries that handle machinery manufacturing, moving large equipment is a common requirement of the job. When the weight is too much for your employees to manage, heavy-duty skates can be used to lighten the load. 

When the skates are in place, the hefty load becomes very possible to move. To ensure a safe and effective method is used, machinery skates will likely be your best choice when it comes time to move the heavy load. This equipment eliminates the need for workers to spend countless hours disassembling, moving, and reassembling large machinery parts or equipment. Instead, the whole load can be moved to a new location easily.

If you are in the market for heavy-duty skates, here are some common skate options for moving your large equipment. 

Machinery Skates

Hevi-Haul machinery skates are designed to move many types of heavy loads under a wide variety of conditions. These skates move heavy loads between locations within factories, plants, warehouses, or any other comparable worksite. There are three distinct categories of machinery skates that can be used based on your moving needs. 

  1. Utility Skates

Ideal for both turning and straight-line moving applications, utility skates are the most versatile machinery moving dollies available on the market. Weight capacities range from 1.5 tons to 37.5 tons per skate while rolling on interchangeable steel or polyurethane-coated rollers. These skates make moving large equipment easy with fully welded steel frames. The wide stance of utility skates allows for increased stability and weight distribution under load. Utility skates are available in two varieties; rigid and swivel

  1. Straight Line Skates

Named very accurately, straight-line skates are the perfect transport dollies for straight-line moving. These skates are ideal for narrow or limited space moving. Weight capacities range from 2.5 to 100 tons per skate, while also using steel or polyurethane-coated rollers. Straight-line skates are available in three varieties; slim, short, and long.

  1. Compact Swivel Skates

Packing a ton of moving capability into a small package, compact swivel skates are perfect for lighter loads that require full directional control. When you need to have a full range of motion, compact swivel skates are the right choice. Weight capacities range from 1.5 tons to 12.5 tons per skate, with interchangeable steel or polyurethane-coated rollers. The swivel top can also be easily removed for straight-line moving. 

Modified & Custom Skates

Sometimes heavy items need a skate that is unique to them when other machinery skates will not cut it. Thankfully at Hevi-Haul, we have the experience and ability to design custom-fit solutions for our customers. Whether it be a slight adjustment made to a standard skate or a completely original design, we are here to help.

Based on the needed requirements for the application, we have the ability to create modified and custom skates. Using the latest 3D CAD software and technology, we are able to create rugged skates in a plethora of varieties. 

Learn More About Moving Large Equipment with Skates

At Hevi-Haul, we can help you determine what skates will be most beneficial to you for moving large equipment. As a leading manufacturer of skates ideal for moving industrial equipment, there is no load too big or too small that our solutions can’t support. Contact us today for support navigating our products and services.

For industries that involve moving heavy equipment and inventory, industrial moving skates are a vital investment. After all, purchasing proper inventory handling equipment protects inventory from damage. But, when might an industrial moving situation benefit from custom industrial moving skates? There are 3 key reasons one might invest in custom industrial moving skates for their warehouse or other industrial settings. 

Custom Industrial Moving Skates Address Many Necessary Modifications

While modified moving skates are often a great choice if you need just a few modifications from a stock moving skate option. The line between modified skates and custom-built skates can be slim. However, if you find that you need many modifications to any given stock skate in order to make it work for your intended purposes, you will definitely want to turn to the custom industrial moving skate option. 

During the development and design stages, Hevi-Haul works with you to create a model that will address your moving needs and be tailored to your requirements. We ensure that the model meets these requirements for you before proceeding with production. There are a variety of sample custom skates we have created for prior customers to demonstrate what we are capable of creating and to give you some ideas for your own specially designed moving skates. 

Custom Industrial Moving Skates Allow You to Move Unique & Heavy Loads

One of the main reasons to have your moving skates custom-made is that the skates will be tailored to your specific and unique moving circumstances. Through their specialized design, Hevi-Haul’s custom industrial moving skates meet unique demands pertaining to unusual load sizes, highly specific intended uses, and work environments that present unique challenges. That means your custom moving skates will be as steady and reliable as possible for your purposes, further ensuring minimal inventory loss due to damage. 

Custom Industrial Moving Skates Are Made With The Highest Quality & Care

Choosing custom industrial moving skates means you are choosing the highest quality materials, design, and construction, all while being tailored to your specific needs. At Hevi-Haul we combine our extensive expertise and experience with cutting-edge 3D CAD technology to design your custom moving skates.

Every moving skate we construct is designed to be rugged and long-lasting so it can be utilized for your industrial moving needs for years to come. To ensure this lasting quality, each skate is constructed with high-quality steel and component parts that are CNC machined. Our custom skates feature capacities from 1.5 to 150 tons each, depending on your specifications. 

Have Hevi-Haul Design Your Moving Skates

Now that you know 3 of the main reasons to consider investing in these types of moving skates, you can start planning what your custom skates will need to accommodate and what specifications they will likely feature. We are here to help at any stage of the process. Whether you are uncertain where to start or think you have a pretty good idea of what your custom skates might look like, we want to talk with you. We will help you plan and let you know what we are capable of creating for you. Contact us today to get the conversation started!

If you’re in need of a heavyweight hauling solution there is a moving skate out there that can accommodate your requirements. What is a moving skate? Load moving skates are built to handle and transport heavy items like heavy machinery, buildings, and whatever else you may need to move around safely. Sometimes the items being moved are straightforward forward and a standard moving skate will suit your needs just fine. However, there are those times when a customized solution is required. Keep reading for more on our selection of modified skates and custom moving skates and why we offer both at Hevi Haul.

Our Selection of Modified Skates and Custom Moving Skates

It’s not always an easy task to determine what type of moving skate you need. When it comes to modified skates and custom moving skates, we can help you determine what’s best for your project. Oftentimes, we already have a solution that can fit the job you’re looking to carry out and it just needs a few tweaks to accommodate you fully. However, sometimes it’s necessary to build a completely unique design from the ground up. 

Modified Moving Skates

With access to the latest 3D CAD software and technology, we are able to modify any pre-existing moving skate design on the shelf. You’ll receive consultative support from beginning to end with a clear vision of what your end product will look like before we even begin modifications. Examples of modified skates we have produced for customers include:

  • BB-100 Guided Machinery Skate specially designed for the United States Air Force with a 50 ton capacity and modified with a four corner fixed width guide roller system for rolling on I-Beams.
  • TDM-200 Machinery Skate with a 100 ton capacity and the modified ability to bold the load to the skate.
  • TDM-200 Machinery Skate with a 100 ton capacity and modifications including a flat top with a modified bracing system, custom axles, rollers, bearings, outboard grease seals, and powder coated frame.
  • HM-50 House & Building Mover Skate with a 50 ton capacity and modifications including special guide widths and a custom guide roller system.
  • CS-5 Machinery Skate with a 2.5 ton capacity with modifications including a mounting plate to allow attachment to equipment.
  • View all modified moving skates.

Custom Moving Skates

Have too many modifications and rather start from the ground up? With our 3D CAD software and technology, we can design a custom moving skate with you. Work with one of our engineers to design exactly what you need and visualize how each element will work. Examples of custom moving skates we have produced for customers include:

  • Nylon Wheel Machinery Skate with a 22 ton capacity per roller dolly over nine five inch diameter nylon rollers.
  • Guided Transformer Skate with a 60 ton capacity and a guided roller system allowing units to follow an I-Beam to keep it in a straight line while being moved. 
  • Oil Pipeline Skate with a 20 ton capacity and roller dollies that can tilt forward and backward to accommodate the moving of oil pipes.
  • V-Block Skate designed to handle 2” and 6 ½” solid steel rods for ease of motion.
  • Poly Wheel Machinery Skate with a 45 ton capacity and the ability to provide maximum security under loads with high capacity wheels while still being able to protect delicate flooring.
  • Aluminum Rail Skate System featuring four 10 ton capacity modified versions of our Model CS-25-P.
  • View all custom moving skate examples.

Check Out Our Moving Skate Varieties Today

No matter what type of load you’re looking to move, with over 80 years of experience, Hevi Haul has developed a strategic process to support all moving efforts, standard or unique. Whether it’s a modification to our standard designs or a completely unique model built specifically for you, we will work directly with you to come up with the most supportive solution possible. Contact us to talk modified skates and custom moving skates and determine which solution is best for you.

If you’re in the business of getting heavy equipment from point A to B, you know just how important moving skates are to accomplishing the task. The right skate configuration prevents damage to the load, which, given its size, is probably quite expensive. Skates also ensure the location, be it the floor of a factory or a sterile food processing plant, isn’t scuffed, gouged, or dented in the process. However, most importantly, moving skates reduce physical strain and the injuries that can result, while also allowing crews to work swiftly.

There are myriad standard skate setups available on the market, and odds are a solution is already available. But heavy objects come in unconventional shapes and sizes, and the environments where they need to be installed can vary substantially. Maybe it’s too heavy or the worksite presents a unique challenge. If nothing on the market seems to be the right fit, you’ll probably need to consider custom moving skates.

Why Custom Moving Skates are Critical for Moving Heavy Objects

Hevi-Haul has over 80 years of experience building custom moving skates, and our expert staff deploys the latest in 3D, CAD software, and technology to design systems that are rugged and effective. Our engineers can modify an existing design or build something entirely new. We work with customers every step of the way, from ideation to deployment, to tailor a product that fits your requirements. Everything Hevi-Haul builds utilizes North American steel, CNC-machine components, and fully welded frames for enhanced strength and durability.

Do you need custom moving skates for your job? Given these are all unique products, here are a few things to consider along with solutions Hevi-Haul has devised for customers in the past. 

The load is unusual

For the most part, customers turn to Hevi-Haul custom solutions because the object they’re moving is a unique shape or is incredibly heavy. Whether it’s moving 10 tons or 60 tons, a transformer or segments of oil pipe, the weight, and shape of the object you need to move are often what drives a custom solution.

For example, a while back Hevi-Haul built a custom moving skate solution for an oil and gas company located in the Middle East. For a large-scale construction project, this client needed a system that could help move various diameters of oil pipe across hundreds of skates. The Hevi-Haul team devised two solutions for two applications that could handle pipe diameters of 3 inches to 30 inches. Non-marking, polyurethane-coated rollers were incorporated into the design to protect the pipes. 

Hevi-Haul also custom-built a moving dolly for a large transformer manufacturer. A team of engineers pulled together a custom solution using the latest design technology and has a capacity of 60 tons. 

You have a highly specific use case in mind for your moving skates

Perhaps you need custom moving skates for a unique operation or business process. Think about every action that will be required to move the load, as every consideration will shape the end solution. Fortunately, given the highly consultative design process, Hevi-Haul engineers will find a creative, effective solution. 

A Norwegian oilfield services company, for example, contacted Hevi-Haul after seeing one of our solutions in action at another firm. The company had what was essentially a very heavy, large-diameter hose reel turned on its side. They wanted a skate that they could lay out in a precise pattern to create a circle. Hevi-Haul designed a series of slightly curved skates that, when laid end to end, formed a 15-foot diameter circle. The end product was the right fit for the job and the system could handle a 250-ton load. 

Going back to the transformer manufacturer from the prior example, Hevi-Haul’s solution included a guide roller system that allowed the unit to run along an I-beam. That kept the moving skate in a straight line while the load was being moved. 

The work environment presents unique challenges

Finally, you may require a custom moving skate solution if you’ll be working in a challenging environment. This is often the case in aerospace operations that utilize clean rooms in the assembly process. There are also special considerations if the skates will be used in food production, temperature-controlled environments, or will be exposed to water or chemicals. 

Hevi-Haul designed a solution that utilized nine, five-inch diameter rollers with a capacity of 22 tons per roller. They used stainless steel axles and nylon rollers because the skate would often be submerged in water. Hevi-Haul can alter the materials used in the rollers, for example, to prevent damaging floors or providing traction in slick environments. 

Where There’s a Moving Problem, There’s a Custom Moving Skate Solution

When nothing on the market seems to be a fit and you’re feeling stumped for a solution, it’s time to get creative. But you don’t want to jerry-rig a solution or settle on a design that “might” work — the cost of failure is too high. That’s why custom moving skates from Hevi-Haul are critical for moving heavy objects. The expert engineers and Hevi-Haul have been doing this for decades and will help you arrive at an ideal solution that’s tailored to your needs and leaves nothing in doubt. Our design process, choice of materials, and assembly process ensure you’ll get the job done without a hiccup, safely and on time. Contact us today to learn more about our custom moving skate solutions!

Get Custom Skates From Hevi-Haul For Your Moving Needs

When it comes to moving skates, Hevi-Haul has a long history of being an innovator in the material handling industry. We’ve come a long way since our early beginnings with Skid-Rol Dollies. Today we have an extensive catalog of moving solutions. And when that’s not enough, we can modify and create custom skates to suit your unique needs.

Don’t see what you need? We’ll create custom skates for you!

Applications don’t always have an off the shelf solution. There are times when our standard skates won’t do the job. You may need a modification on one of our products or a completely unique design. Whichever the case may be, we have the capabilities and expertise to design custom-fit solutions.

How do we create custom skates suited for your needs?

  1. We’ll use our 80 years+ experience to come up with a solution for your specific moving job. And while we’re at it, we’ll keep in mind all the fine details that define a successful solution.
  2. Our designers will partner with you in the design process to model a product that meets your requirements. And we’ll make sure to iron out all the details prior to production.
  3. We use the latest in 3D CAD software and technology to design quality skates that will perform beyond your expectations.
  4. We use high-quality North American steel, CNC machined components and fully welded steel frames for added strength and longevity for your move.
  5. We’ll ensure you’re satisfied with the process every step of the way.

There’s a reason our products move the world

We’ve been known for our quality and rugged products since our first skates were introduced to the industry in 1938 by Paul J. Kordes. Our dollies quickly followed suit for professional machinery movers, riggers and structural movers. 

As a family-owned small ­business, we take pride in earning and keeping the trust our customers have placed in us. From major multi-national ­companies to small machinery moving companies, our customers have become our friends and they count on us to manufacture and deliver the highest quality skates available.

Contact Hevi Haul-today to get more information on the highest quality roller dollies available.


Hevi-Haul skate rollers have incredibly long-life spans and require very little maintenance. That’s because the individual parts that make up a Hevi-Haul machinery skate are the highest quality possible. So, let’s take a look at the functions of each part to better understand why Hevi-Haul skates are the industry-favorite.

Skate Roller Axles

The axles on our machine skates are CNC Machined right here in Wisconsin from exceptional quality, high-grade steel. We make two kinds of axles, standard and hardened. The standard axle is mostly for your typical, day-to-day applications because it’s always reliable and will get the job done. On the other hand, the hardened axles are for heavy-duty use. They’re heat-treated, stronger, and come in a variety of lengths. All our axles also come with grease fittings pre-installed.

Axles are such an important part of the skate and help make our skates strong and durable. Check out the video below for more information on Hevi-Haul axles.

Skate Rollers & Bearings

Rollers and bearings are just as important as any other part of the skate. Like the axles, rollers are CNC Machined at our Milwaukee factory. We make two kinds of rollers, steel or polyurethane (check out our blog highlighting the main differences between the two). All of our heavy machinery moving equipment can use both kinds of rollers depending on the job at hand. Keep in mind that different rollers have different capacity ratings, so make sure your skate meets all the requirements for your move.

Rollers are the part of the skate that makes the move smooth and easy. Check out this video below for more info on our rollers and bearings.


Hardware is the last integral part of a Hevi-Haul skate. It’s what holds all the key pieces together and makes sure it all stays in place. From swivel plates to socket caps, we supply all the hardware you need to make sure your skate rolls perfectly every time.

Here’s a video explaining how to install different parts on our utility skates.

Overall, Hevi-Haul’s skate rollers are the best in the industry. They’re seriously durable and require hardly any maintenance. If you have any questions about our machinery skates and their individual parts, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Everything You Need on Your Rigging Equipment Checklist

Injuries have cost companies as much as $62 billion in a single year. For material movers, the right rigging equipment is a must to reduce injuries and boost efficiency. But it can be hard to know the must-haves when it comes to rigging tools, especially with the weight and pressure of giant jobs.

Don’t worry. When it comes to heavy rigging equipment, we’re here for support. Here is a list of everything you need before you get moving.

First, What Is Rigging Equipment?

Rigging equipment is gear needed to lift and support materials. And to say it’s important is an understatement. More than half of all mobile crane accidents happen because of problems in the rigging stage.

What heavy lifting equipment needs to be in place to hoist a load?

Get Off the Ground with Hooks

Quality hooks can act as a hand or lend support like a joint. The key to lifting with hooks is securing a sturdy grip. If hooks slip, cargo could crash hard.

Here are a few common hooks:

  • Self-locking – As the name suggests, these hooks clamp shut to keep items secure.
  • Clevis – These hooks can connect directly to cables or chains.
  • Slip – Each of these hooks are like a doorway, letting chains slide through and wrap around objects.

Need added support?

Get Rooted with Shackles

When it comes to lifting tons at a time, shackles have been a sturdy go-to for decades. Shackles are built to link up a solid base to a heavy load. They have two parts: a pin and curved shackle. There are different combos of pin and body pieces, including screw pins, round pins, anchor shackles, and chain shackles.

What about hardcore connectors?

Tie it All Together with Ropes, Chains, and Slings

Ropes and slings are one of the most used types of rigging equipment. But with half a dozen different types of slings, nailing down the perfect type depends on the job. Here are a few of the most popular materials out there:

  • Wire
  • Chain
  • Metal mesh

Once the cargo is up, what’s the best way to move it?

Glide Smoothly with Machinery Skates

Machinery skates are built for massive moves. For instance, in 2016, a 300,000-pound tavern was relocated using Hevi-Haul skates. Once a big structure is propped up, these friction fighters can help carry heavy loads to their final destination.

Here are some common types of machinery skates:

But even if the rigging equipment checklist is complete, tapping into professional advice can make or break a job.

Let the Pros Carry Some Weight

When it comes to heavy rigging equipment, the stakes are high. A recent OSHA study involving heavy moving found one in three accidents involved problems in rigging. Doing research and getting help from the experts could safeguard against wrecked jobs and injuries.

Have questions about what options are best for a project? We’re here to lend a hand. Visit our news page, or contact us today and get advice from the experts.

Stay Safe: Your Guide to How to Move a Gun Safe

As a safe gun owner, you know the importance of a gun safe to keep your family and children out of harm’s way. Gun safes, however, can also be dangerous. Gun safes used to protect assault rifles can weigh between 500-800 pounds, making their transport a difficult task.

In fact, people can die from improperly moving a safe. This very thing occurred in 2014, when a 19-year-old mover was crushed to death when attempting to move a safe.

With gun safes even reaching upwards of 1,000 pounds, it becomes even more important to learn how to properly move a gun safe.

How to Move a Gun Safe

You’ll inevitably need to move your gun safe. Whether this move is from one bedroom to another, or even to a new home across the country, it’s important to know how to move a gun safe while remaining safe. Keep reading for five helpful tips for moving a gun safe.

1. Know What You’re Handling

Each gun safe is different. They differ in dimensions, weight, and handling capabilities. You need to know your safe’s dimensions and weight so you can use appropriate equipment. It’s also helpful for foreseeing any potential difficulties in moving it from one location to another.

For example, is the safe too wide to fit through the door, so it needs to be turned in a particular direction? Are there gadgets or knobs that extend out and may snag on furniture or door frames?

Knowing the dimensions and weight of your safe is essential to anticipating any issues and properly executing the move.

2. Prepare Your Workspace

First and foremost, it’s important to remove the guns and place them in a secure location. Guns will add to the weight of the safe and may even move around in the safe if left in there, making transport more difficult.

You’ll then need to lay down blankets and durable materials on the floor (such as Masonite wood) to help glide the safe and prevent it from damaging floors.

If you want to keep your safe unscathed, you may also consider wrapping it in plastic or blankets to avoid damaging it during the move.

3. Find 3+ Helpers and a Path

Make sure you know exactly the path you are taking to move the gun safe. Be sure to move any obstacles from the way.

Using at least three helpers and a heavy-duty furniture dolly or machinery skate, you can load the safe onto the dolly and safely transport it to its new location. For a refresher course on the best way to operate a dolly, click here.

Don’t Risk It

A heavy safe is something you should not underestimate. These steps outline how to move a gun safe, but it’s important to know your limits. If you cannot find at least three helpers or don’t have the proper equipment (and the knowledge to use it), do not attempt the move. Consider hiring professional movers instead.

For more tips on moving heavy machinery and tools to help you during your move, check out our blog today.

4 Great Benefits of Buying Custom Skates

As with any project, you’re only as strong as the tools you have at your disposal. Even the tools that seem small are essential in making your efforts much more efficient.

Yes, you may have guessed it—we’re talking machine and industrial skates. These guys assist in material handling, structural moving, distribution, and much more. They’re rough and rugged and keep your projects from (literally) collapsing over. But, not all jobs are created equal, so you need skates that match your needs.

You should consider investing in custom skates to ensure you’re maximizing your resources. Not convinced yet? Here are four benefits of buying customized moving skates.

1. Match Your Production Needs

Let’s start with the no-brainer. Unfortunately, most major manufacturing products are pretty much set in stone. There isn’t much room for change when needed. But, at times, that modification is absolutely essential. Perhaps, you’re carrying much larger capacities than most other dollies would. Or, you could even be transporting products that require certain handling or protection. A big-box seller won’t be able to take that into consideration.

Custom skates will make your production run much more smoothly. They also work to prevent liabilities and risks that could occur.

2. Modify Already Existing Products

Most companies that offer customized options already offer a line of existing dollies. So, in some instances, you won’t need to undergo a whole design process.

These sellers will sit down and talk to you about your specific requirements. If a product of theirs matches but could use some slight work, they’ll let you know. But, if you need something completely unique, they’ll work with you on that as well.

3. Work with Custom Designers

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to help forecast any potential errors in your systems? Someone who could pinpoint what you need and help save you money? When you purchase custom skates, you work with a custom designer. This person works out the logistics with you to deliver the best product possible.

Load configuration and weight, the pathway of movement and floor condition are just some of the factors that they’ll consider for your custom project.

4. Cutting-Edge Material

The last benefit we’ll point to for purchasing custom skates is the roller material used to build. When you’re purchasing a custom project, you’ll know each element that’s factored in.

Oftentimes, already existing products aren’t built as they should be. They’re outdated, low quality, and just not as durable as they could be. When you work with a custom designer, they’ll direct you to the best material in the industry. They’ll have mastered the best technology and processes to deliver your one-of-a-kind product.

Looking for Custom Skates?

Custom skates can make any project run much more efficiently. That’s why we’re committed to delivering the most durable and low-maintenance dollies and skates. Our skates are built from high-quality, fully welded steel frames that are built to last. We’re also able to modify existing products if that best suits your needs.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to learn about our custom and modified skates and dollies!

Why Your Rigging Company Needs Quality Machinery Skates

You should already know how important it is for rigging companies to include machinery skates in their inventories. They’re an indispensable way to safely move loads that weigh even 100 tons while remaining both close to the ground and easy to maneuver.

However, not all skates are created equal. When you purchase machinery skates for your company, you need to make sure that you’re investing in quality and efficiency.

Here at Hevi-Haul, we offer an unmatched combination of technology and engineering to create a product that works for you. Read on to find out why your company needs quality machinery skates.

1. Keep Loads In Place

When you’re undertaking a project like moving an entire building, you need to make sure that your load doesn’t budge an inch while you transport it.

While you should always use things like wood skids or blocking when necessary, the best skates will also come with materials that help you keep everything in place.

Our compact swivel skates, for example, have a friction plate between the top surface of the dolly and the swivel plate underneath to make sure that the skate doesn’t move too much under your load. The last thing you want is for a skate to slip out from excessive movement.

There are also steel cleats standard on all of our skates that embed themselves into wood under large amounts of weight. This helps to protect your load and make sure it travels flawlessly from point A to point B.

2. You Need Machinery Skates That Protect Floors

Some machinery skates will mark or heavily damage the floors that they’re used on, creating an extra headache for you on top of the logistical problems of moving something that weighs thousands of pounds.

Instead, businesses should find skates that protect floors and are made of materials meant to reduce the likelihood of any marks or damage. Skates with polyurethane-coated rollers, for example, are ideal for floors that need the most protection.

If your needs change and you find you need to move a load across an uneven surface, good skates will have rollers that are interchangeable. Switch out the polyurethane rollers for steel rollers that will get the job done on even a rough floor.

3. Get Skates Customized To Your Needs

Every business’ needs are different. A moving company who needs to transport a building or historic structure all in one piece would look for something different than a rigging company looking to move heavy machinery.

In some cases, you need the ability to customize high-quality skates that will meet your needs. Hevi-Haul is proud to either modify our existing skates or create something completely new, just to make sure that they meet your needs and high expectations.

Solutions like these allow businesses to keep customers happy and decrease their production costs in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Learn More Today

Hevi-Haul has been a go-to company for rigging companies, large corporations, and even the U.S. military for more than eighty years. Let us help your business achieve its goals.

Contact us today to learn more or request a free quote.