Get Custom Skates From Hevi-Haul For Your Moving Needs

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Get Custom Skates From Hevi-Haul For Your Moving Needs

Get Custom Skates From Hevi-Haul For Your Moving Needs

When it comes to moving skates, Hevi-Haul has a long history of being an innovator in the material handling industry. We’ve come a long way since our early beginnings with Skid-Rol Dollies. Today we have an extensive catalog of moving solutions. And when that’s not enough, we can modify and create custom skates to suit your unique needs.

Don’t see what you need? We’ll create custom skates for you!

Applications don’t always have an off the shelf solution. There are times when our standard skates won’t do the job. You may need a modification on one of our products or a completely unique design. Whichever the case may be, we have the capabilities and expertise to design custom-fit solutions.

How do we create custom skates suited for your needs?

  1. We’ll use our 80 years+ experience to come up with a solution for your specific moving job. And while we’re at it, we’ll keep in mind all the fine details that define a successful solution.
  2. Our designers will partner with you in the design process to model a product that meets your requirements. And we’ll make sure to iron out all the details prior to production.
  3. We use the latest in 3D CAD software and technology to design quality skates that will perform beyond your expectations.
  4. We use high-quality North American steel, CNC machined components and fully welded steel frames for added strength and longevity for your move.
  5. We’ll ensure you’re satisfied with the process every step of the way.

There’s a reason our products move the world

We’ve been known for our quality and rugged products since our first skates were introduced to the industry in 1938 by Paul J. Kordes. Our dollies quickly followed suit for professional machinery movers, riggers and structural movers. 

As a family-owned small ­business, we take pride in earning and keeping the trust our customers have placed in us. From major multi-national ­companies to small machinery moving companies, our customers have become our friends and they count on us to manufacture and deliver the highest quality skates available.

Contact Hevi Haul-today to get more information on the highest quality roller dollies available.


4 Expert Tips for Finding the Right Industrial Skate Shop

Heavy machinery always means a sizable price tag. So, before you make a large investment, you want to be sure you’re in good hands.

Finding a trusted, industrial skate shop is not as simple as choosing a shop from Google’s search results. That’s why we have compiled a list of traits that every company should consider before making their choice.

1. Choose an Industrial Skate Shop You Can Trust

A great company is the first component of a reliable product. Hevi-Haul has been the premier industrial skate shop for more than 50 years, providing heavy duty skates for industrial users all over the country.

Paul J. Kordes’ design marked the beginning of a strong product and trustworthy brand. In 1938, Kordes designed Hevi-Haul Skates, the first roller dollies to be used for professional movers and rigging companies. Our skates made their jobs faster, easier, and more efficient.

2. Find Longevity and Reliability

Quality skates can last for years on end. Finding longevity and reliability is the key to finding a great fit for an affordable price. So, while you browse suppliers’ stocks, be sure to inquire about the average lifespan for an average set of skates.

When asking about stock, also ask your potential supplier about return rates. You don’t want to pay too much for a product that won’t hold up to your high standards.

3. Search for an Affordable Price

Price is always an important factor for companies. And since skates don’t come cheap, a hefty price tag may cause some to put off purchasing.

Safety should be a primary concern when looking for any type of heavy machinery. Remember that affordability is well and good, but you don’t want to choose cheap and be stuck with a substandard heavy piece of equipment that becomes a liability.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and negotiate with your potential supplier. Finding the right deal can ensure that you’re making the right investment.

4. Look for Experience with Skates of All Sorts

Nothing is worth more than experience, particularly with machinery. The right supplier should have years, preferably decades, of experience in the industry. Heavy duty skates require special expertise that is not easily acquired.

Ask plenty of questions and don’t be afraid to poke and prod. Purchasing industrial skates is a big investment. Consider a supplier as a resource, as well as a potential partner.

And remember: Hevi-Haul has been designing, building, and selling industrial skates and dollies for decades. In fact,the great-grandfather of our current General Manager was a manager at Paul J. Kordes!

An Industrial Skate Shop You Can Trust

Hevi-Haul International is your one-stop shop for industrial skates as well as information about the wide world of the industry. Our team has been working in the industry for generations, so they have lifetimes of wisdom and experience. For products that move the world, there’s only one choice!

We’re proud and excited to share our knowledge on our blog. Check out our various articles covering everything from the intricate details of our skates, professional suggestions, and helpful FAQs. We want to help you make the best purchasing decision for your business.

How to Choose the Right Machine Skates

Looking to upgrade your hauling capacities? Then it’s time to upgrade your machine skates, which give mobility to your heaviest loads.

Choosing between different skate options is often tricky. There are different kinds of skates for different objects with different weights, not to mention factors like skate abilities.

Luckily, we’re here to help. With the right info, you’ll be using the proper machine skates in no time. Here’s what you need to know:

Know the Weight That Will Be Carried

The biggest factor that separates different machine skates from one another is the weight of the haul you need to carry. Models of a wide variety of different weight classes exist. That’s why it’s essential for you to know how much your load weighs. Depending on exactly what you’re moving, there are several ways you can measure weight.

If you’re not sure how much a machine weighs, check with the manufacturer. It’s their duty to have that kind of information on hand.

In the event that you’re transporting varying quantities of small packages, then come up with the maximum amount of objects you might be carrying at once. Then, calculate the weight. Once you have the weight idea down pat, you can move onto the process of looking for different models.

Have an Idea of Different Models

Of course, it would be ideal if you could quickly learn about every kind of machine skate that exists. That way, you would be able to pick your right choice without thinking too much. Unfortunately, these machines do require a level of technical knowledge that is difficult to absorb very quickly. But, it’s still important that you have a general idea of the kind of models that are offered to you.

Check out the skates we have. Of course, they’re broken down by the different weights each model can handle. But, there are additional ways that they can be categorized as well.

For instance, the movement of each skate is also up to choice. Think about the kind of movement you’ll be making with the machine skate. Are straight lines all you need, or do you need turns? Circular motions are also available, depending on if that serves a purpose in your space or not. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

And, of course, it also depends on whom you get your machine skate from.

Pick the Right Machine Skate Supplier

Eventually, the inevitable move for you is to reach out to a qualified supplier. We offer a case that’s hard to beat: Our machine skates are second to none, and we offer outstanding customer service.

We can assess your situation and talk you through what skate is best for your situation. Plus, we can help talk you through how to use the skate, including safety precautions.

Get in Contact for Quality Machine Skates

Interested in learning more about skates or purchasing skates for your business? Hevi-Haul Skates have been trusted by professionals for over 80 years. Contact our team today to get started.

What You Should Look for in a Great Industrial Skates Supplier

Working around heavy machinery requires a few things. Among them is the proper way to move large bits of machinery with relative ease. Accordingly, make sure you’ve invested in a strong set of industrial skates. These heavy-duty skates will make moving massive machines easier and quicker than ever.

But what exactly should you look for when seeking out a skates supplier? After all, there are tons of companies out there, and choosing the wrong one could be quite costly.

If you’re in the market for a new set of industrial skates, be sure to read on. Here’s a quick guide to everything you’ll need to look for in a skate supplier.

Effective and Clear Communication

First and foremost, you’ll need a supplier who excels at customer communication. From the very initial consultation, it’s their job to sell you on their products. Customer service matters for both the client and business. After all, you have tons of options, so make sure you’re choosing a company that’s friendly and efficient when it comes to communication.

Take note of how long it takes to get a hold of the appropriate person. When something goes wrong, you don’t want to be on hold for half of the day. This goes for both phone and e-mail communications. While e-mail may require a bit of patience, they should generally get back to you within a day or so.

You’ll also want to be aware of their support hours. Things rarely go wrong at a convenient time, so knowing that your supplier has your back is a good feeling.

Experience With Industrial Skates

You’re going to want a supplier with plenty of experience in the industry. This common ground can be extremely helpful when it comes time to place your first order.

If you’ve never purchased industrial skates before, they’ll be able to give you tips on what to look for and what to avoid. They’ll also be able to point you to the best skates for the best types of machinery.

Someone with the right amount of knowledge and experience is a great resource to have.

An Affordable Price

We understand that price is a concern for most companies. And since machinery skates aren’t cheap, you’re going to want the best deal you can find. Don’t forget the power of negotiation. The right price can go a long way.

Make sure that you’re working with a supplier that gives a clear outline of what types of prices you can expect to pay. You could be paying too much.


A great price is one thing, but you’ll also need a set of reliable skates that will be usable for years. Ask about your supplier’s return rates, as well as how long the average set of skates is supposed to last.

Make sure that you’re not going to have to pay twice for a poor product. The longer lasting the product, the better of an investment it is.

Let Us Help

At Hevi-Haul, we value your time and business. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the best skates and the best price. If your business is looking for new skates, get in touch today. We’d love to help you out and discuss how industrial skates can help your business.