Why You Need Heavy Duty Moving Skates to Transport Large Equipment


Why You Need Heavy Duty Moving Skates to Transport Large Equipment

Have you ever toured a major manufacturing plant and wondered how all those machines, some the size of small homes, got into the building in the first place? Maybe not. However, the professionals at Hevi-Haul spend a lot of time thinking about just that, as there’s a good chance their products played a critical role in getting those machines, equipment, and even entire buildings where they needed to be. 

Why You Need Heavy Duty Moving Skates 

Heavy-duty machinery moving skates are the star of every heavy equipment moving project. These durable, sturdy devices make moving even the most improbable objects possible. And while the technology itself is pretty straightforward, these moving skates are highly specialized to accommodate the needs of professional movers. 

Heavy-duty moving skates allow you to move the extremely heavy loads safely while also providing the ability to maneuver turns and angles. Oftentimes, the equipment atop Hevi-Haul’s moving skates represents a major investment of time, labor, and capital, so the cost of errors or mechanical failures is high. That’s why you want to ensure you’re not only moving the equipment with care, but you’re also using equipment that you can trust. 

Here are a few more things to consider if you need to deploy heavy-duty moving skates for your next job. 

How to Use Heavy Duty Moving Skates 

Understand the load: This is a critical first step, as the load configuration, size, and shape, often dictate the number of support points (or skates) required. Also, take into account the type of surface you’ll be transporting the load across. You want to make sure it can glide smoothly, but you also don’t want to damage the floor. Steel rollers are good all-around options, while polyurethane-coated rollers are the go-to option when protecting the surface your rolling atop is paramount. 

Clear the pathway: Make sure your rolling surface is clean and relatively free of cracks and holes. Be certain the rolling surface can support load, and reinforce weak spots with steel plates if needed. If the floor is particularly rough or uneven, you may want to deploy steel channels for the job. 

Raise the load: Lift the load with a toe-jack or other tool that’s designed to handle the weight. You’ll need to lift the object high enough to slide the skates into position at each support point. Because of Hevi-Haul Machinery Skates’ low profile, most loads can be lifted and lowered onto skates one end at a time. The load shape and weight will dictate the position and number of support points. 

Gently lower onto skates: This is a pretty straightforward step. Gradually let the skates bear the load weight, paying close attention that everything remains balanced. Be sure to carefully choose lifting and bearing points to avoid damage. Wood skids or blocking are normally placed under loads prior to moving. Steel cleats, which are standard on Hevi-Haul skates, will embed themselves into the wood under heavy load weight. 

Get moving: Now it’s time to move the load. Be sure the pathway is clear and, if you can, mark a pathway to ensure you stay on track. Make sure you are only turning while in motion to avoid undue stress on a support point. 

3 Types of Heavy Duty Moving Skates 

There are several types of moving skates, and the unique strengths of each allow you to tailor a solution for the job. 

Utility Skates 

These are arguably the most versatile machinery moving dollies on the market and are ideal for both turning and straight-line moving applications. Capacities typically range from 1.5 to 37.5 tons per skate and roll on interchangeable steel or polyurethane coated rollers. Fully welded steel frames breed confidence that mechanical failure will not be a worry. There are two types of utility skates: tilting and non-tilting. 

Straight Line Skates 

As the name suggests, these are perfect for moves that require a straight shot from point A to point B. Line skates work well when navigating narrow, tight spaces that don’t require turns. Capacities range from 2.5 to 100 tons per skate and also roll-on interchangeable steel or polyurethane coated rollers. There are three types of straight-line skates: long, short, and slim straight. 

Compact Swivel Skates: 

These pack a lot of punch into a small, low-profile package. They are perfect for light- to medium-duty loads that require full directional control. Capacities range from 1.5 to 12.5 tons per skate, and also include interchangeable steel or polyurethane coated rollers. Each swivel top skate has a friction plate between the top frame of the dolly and the bottom surface of the swivel plate to reduce swimming under load and eliminate the need for a locking mechanism.  Swivel tops are easily removable with a hex key wrench for straight line moving applications without the need to purchase additional skates.

Hevi-Haul Moves the World

Since 1938, Hevi-Haul has been manufacturing the highest-quality machinery skates for professional heavy equipment movers, rigging companies, and other customers with their load moving needs. From furniture to buildings, Hevi-Haul has a skating system to suit your company’s needs. Hevi-Haul’s durable products are built to last and manufactured right here in the United States, and their team of experts can help you assemble the right tools to help you move just about anything under the sun. 

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

In addition to running a profitable operation, safety is of utmost importance for any company that manufactures, ships, or installs heavy equipment. The stakes are particularly high when multi-ton pieces of equipment are sent in motion in the warehouse for shipment to clients or placement on location. It is incredibly important to use the right equipment for the job so that it is done safely. So, what are swivel skates, and why are they an ideal method to move heavy equipment safely? 


The swivel skate design isn’t groundbreaking technology: It’s essentially a cleated metal plate mounted atop rollers. Moving skates come in many different designs and capacities, but swivel skates are notable for their enhanced maneuverability — particularly around corners and tight spaces. The swiveling wheel boxes broaden the range of motion and allow for more stability on uneven surfaces. That makes them incredibly versatile, so it’s no wonder they are widely used across industries. Warehouse managers will typically keep a wide array of swivel skates on hand to manage products of different shapes and weights. 

While the design of a swivel skate is rather simple, the true differentiator is in the materials and durability used to construct them. With the cost of failure being high, it’s critical that swivel skates are constructed with quality, durable materials that are designed to handle a specified load. That’s what differentiates Hevi-Haul swivel skates from the competition. Hevi-Haul products are trusted by local machinery movers, Blue-Chip multinational corporations, and even the U.S. military. Hevi-Haul’s welded steel frame skates are built to last here in the United States, using the best processes, materials, and technology available today. Hevi-Haul’s swivel skates come in a wide range of capacities and sizes, and can even be customized for specific use cases. 


Compact swivel skates are small, low-profile variants, but they pack a lot of moving capacity into a smaller package. They are ideal for moving light- to medium-duty loads that require complete directional control. Hevi-Haul swivel skates can handle 1.5 tons to 12.5 tons per skate and can be adapted for a wide range of environments. The rollers are interchangeable, and the

swivel tops are easily removed using a hex key wrench. Every swivel skate from Hevi-Haul features a friction plate between the top frame of the dolly and the bottom surface plate to reduce swimming and eliminate the need for locking mechanisms. 

They can be purchased from Hevi-Haul individually, or in kits that include a steel job box and placement handle. 


As mentioned above, swivel skate rollers are interchangeable, and for good reason. 

Steel rollers are an all-purpose workhorse for moving heavy equipment. They provide maximum durability and can handle extended resting loads or even permanent installations. They work great on rough or uneven floors. 

Polyurethane-coated rollers, on the other hand, are best for use cases where surfaces need to be protected. Polyurethane rollers are also oil and solvent-resistant. You’ll want to use these rollers atop epoxy-coated floors, for example, that are common in aerospace or military installations. While they can handle the same load weight, they aren’t the best option for permanent installations or atop rough surfaces. 


Swivel skates are simple to use. Start by elevating the equipment with a proper toe jack, and slide a swivel skate under all four corners. Then, slowly lower the equipment onto the skates, gradually allowing the skates to bear the weight. Ensure the object’s weight is distributed evenly, attach the steering bar, and then with the assistance of a forklift, you’re ready to go. 


Hevi-Haul offers a wide variety of swivel skates to suit the job at hand, but that’s not all. Hevi-Haul also provides custom and modified skates that include, but are not limited to, guide roller systems for I-beams, bolt patterns permanent mounting, and pipe handling dollies. Contact us to learn more!

It isn’t hard to support local businesses. Keeping your shopping local does many different things for the community that surrounds you. Milwaukee is a vibrant city with many local companies that cover a wide array of different industries. Keeping things local nourishes the surrounding community.

Support local, it gives back

When you shop local, it helps support the people that are in your community. Many times local businesses help support their communities by hosting events and sponsoring local organizations. This support helps keep money recirculating within a community.

Better Customer Service

When you are dealing with a local business you don’t sit on hold with a call center or jump through hoops to get questions answered. Staff at local businesses care about their community and the people in it. They will take extra time to go out of their way to help you in any way possible. Plus, there is no lousy hold music on repeat.

Unique Services and Products

A local business knows their community and what it needs. Local businesses can adapt quickly and cater to the needs of the community at a quicker pace than a big box or online store. An advantage of working with local businesses is they can personalize their services for you.

Support Local with Hevi-Haul

Hevi-Haul has been a local business in the Milwaukee area for a significant amount of time. We offer personalized services and custom products to fit your specific needs.

Homeowners love to make a statement with their floors. Whether your foyer features reclaimed barn wood or Calacatta marble, chances are you have an emotional connection to this pricy home item that puts your personal stamp on your home. At Hevi-Haul, we understand your labor of love and when it comes to moving heavy furniture or other items, we have rollers designed specifically for your needs.

Milwaukee Homeowners Have Two Choices: Steel or Polyurethane

Let’s talk polyurethane first. For many homeowners looking to protect their floors, polyurethane rollers will be the Hevi-Haul wheels you need. There are three main reasons polyurethane may be your best choice:

  1. You are looking for maximum protection for your floors. You’ve invested in your flooring, so utilize a moving solution that will leave them the way they found them.
  2. When you have an epoxy-coated floor. Polyurethane wheels are the ideal choice to minimize any marring or marking up of your floors.
  3. They are quieter. If using rollers in a residential setting, such as an assisted living facility, minimizing the overall disruption by reducing the noise will be greatly appreciated by staff and other residents.

    Though polyurethane rollers are our most protective rollers, there are times when steel rollers will be your heavy-move rollers:

    1. They excel with floors that aren’t in the best shape including floors that have gaps, unevenness or cracks. They are our best wheels for all-purpose moving with conventional flooring, such as a loft space with concrete floors.
    2. Steel rollers are the most cost-effective solution.
    3. They have the highest weight capacities and hold up well in a variety of conditions. They can handle very heavy loads with ease, and for sustained amounts of time. Does your piano need to sit on that mover skate for a bit before it gets settled in its new home? Steel is your go-to roller material!

    Our Hevi-Haul skates accommodate both types of rollers. So if you purchase Hevi-Haul skates with steel rollers, you can always switch them out for polyurethane rollers, or vice versa.

    Hevi-Haul: For All Your Moving Heaving Objects Needs

    Professional moving companies, as well as your friends and neighbors in the Wisconsin area, have been trusting Hevi-Haul for high quality, fully-welded steel frame skates and structural dolly parts since the 1970s. (Though our original skates were first produced in 1938 under the name Skid-Rol Dollies.)

    We’ve been making products that literally move the world for decades. Contact us today to learn how we can rock your move with our heavy item moving solutions.

    Three Important Things to Consider When Moving A Log Cabin

    Last spring residents of Wauwatosa lined up to see a historic log cabin roll down North Avenue as the structure moved to its new location. The cabin is historically known as the Frederick D Underwood Log House. Frederic Underwood 1921, a wealthy real estate mogul and president of the Erie Railroad, designed the house.

    Being replaced by a three-story apartment building, preserving or demolishing the log cabin had been a topic of much debate in the community.

    Thankfully, the developer agreed to donate the log cabin rather than knock it down. The matter was eventually settled when Galbraith Carnahan Architects, a local business, decided to use the log cabin as office space. So, plans for moving the structure began.

    Many factors come in to play when moving a building of this size, including:

    1) Dumping Unnecessary or Dated Items.

    To lighten the load, the new owners removed:

    • Dated paneling
    • Carpeting
    • Ceiling tiles
    • Old plaster
    • Other unnecessary components

    2) Potential Challenges of Moving a Log Cabin

    Moving a log cabin isn’t as easy as simply picking a new location and calling it home. Log homes may be easier to move due to their lightweight materials. However, wood is prone to wear and tear, and there can be weak points if there is termite or water damage.

    Cracks which are called “checks,” can form in the center of the logs and extend to the outer surface. If they become too big, the wood can become susceptible to rot.

    3) How the Cabin is Set on its Foundation.

    If the cabin is built into the ground, rather than on a platform, it may be too structurally embedded to preserve the integrity of the structure.

    Structural Mover Skates by Hevi-Haul Will Get Your Cabin Ready to Roll

    House & building skates, professionally known by structural movers as X,Y Skates, allow a mover to move a house or building in any direction on either axis. They are versatile and can be split into two halves for single-axis moving which doubles the standard load rating.

    Moving Companies Trust Hevi-Haul for Quality

    Family-owned and operated, ­moving companies both big and small trust Hevi-Haul to manufacture and deliver the highest quality skates available. We believe in being responsible members of the community and earning our customers’ trust. Learn more about the best structure moving equipment in the industry, or contact us today with any questions you may have.

    Fun Facts About Industrial Cranes

    Although we may not always realize it, cranes are a big part of our city’s skyline. They are the massive tools that construct some of Milwaukee’s favorite buildings. From the US Bank Center to the Northwestern Mutual HQ and so many more, cranes play a big role in constructing buildings all over the world. Here are some fun facts about cranes!

    1. Cranes Are Named After a Bird

    It’s true. The tall construction equipment shares a name and likeness with a large, long-necked bird. These birds don’t have the same building skills, but they definitely look similar. The industrial crane was modeled after the bird which has a wide, heavy set lower body with a nimble and long neck and head. The lower half of the crane helps anchor it while the long neck picks up heavy building materials.

    2. They Are Modeled After Human Hands

    Human hands are so efficient that the crane’s mechanics were modeled after them. Human knuckles and fingers are nimble, just like cranes are. Cranes must be able to maneuver and operate in tough spaces (think about how many buildings and people are below a massive crane). The human knuckle can hook under itself to reduce how much space it takes to get from point A to point B, just like a crane’s jib.

    3. Cranes Were Invented in Ancient Greece

    In fact, cranes from back then were powered by humans and animals in order to lift heavy stones for building. They were much less technical in ancient Greece, but they were still incredibly efficient. Some buildings from that time period still stand today and are among the sturdiest structures around.

    4. Cranes Build Themselves

    This is true too. The only thing big enough and strong enough to build a crane is itself. With the help of workers, operators use the crane to attach vital pieces of equipment that help the crane work perfectly.

    Machine Moving Skates

    Although cranes can build themselves, they cannot move on their own. To move a crane, you need special equipment from Hevi-Haul. Our machinery and structural moving skates are strong enough to hold the weight of a crane easily.

    Contact us today to get your very own machinery skates strong enough to move a crane!

    Moving your home, office or warehouse can be hard. What makes it even harder? Having to move your things during the peak of the summer heat. Here are some tips to make sure your family and crew are safe in the sun.

    1. Assemble Your Moving Team Ahead of Time

    Would you want to move heavy items last minute in the middle of July? Probably not. It’s always smartest to book your team of movers at least two months in advance, otherwise, it might be too late. Not having any help from a professional moving team when your office lease is over means your staff will have to do it themselves. They won’t be happy; you won’t be happy.  Scheduling and planning all this in advance ensures you’ll have people there to help you when you need them.

    2. Always Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

    Hydration is key to a successful and comfortable move. Dehydration is not just uncomfortable, it can lead to mental and physical fatigue and end up being a safety problem if not addressed. Make sure you have plenty of chilled water bottles at Point A and Point B so that everyone can be sure to drink enough of it. Not to mention, you’ll probably work up a sweat when it’s hot outside, which increases the speed at which you become dehydrated. Your family or moving crew will thank you for understanding how difficult working in the hot sun can be.

    3. Protect Sensitive Items from Heat Damage

    You may not know this, but there are a lot of items that can become damaged in an over-heated moving truck. Things like desktops computers, TVs, laptops, etc can break permanently if left in the direct heat. Laptops probably have loads of personal and professional documents saved on them. It’s smart to back them up before the move. Additionally, you’ll probably want to make separate plans for valuable items like these so they go from the old spot to the new one as quick as possible.

    4. Dress According to the Summer Weather

    This may sound like a given, but inappropriate attire can be a major cause for discomfort or even harm in excessive heat. Always remind your family and/or employees that on moving days they should wear light, breathable clothes and a pair of comfortable shoes, preferably some with solid protection. Sandals are comfy, but not ideal for moving desks or file cabinets.

    5. Blast the A/C at the Old and New Location

    Being outside for a few minutes can be hard enough. Trying to move into a hot, stuffy house can be worse than direct sunlight. Even if it’s just for the day, drop that A/C down so people have a chance to cool off when they’re going back and forth. Having a lot of fans going keeps the air moving too, which can make a huge difference, at least in how hot it feels inside.

    Overall, moving in summer is tough. Moving companies are probably at their busiest, so be sure to book them well in advance. In addition, stay hydrated and dress according to the weather for the day. And don’t forget air conditioning is your friend when your moving in extreme temperatures.

    If you’ve got some seriously heavy things to move this summer, these tips might not be enough to get the job done right. Hevi-Haul has industrial strength dollies to move even the heaviest things in your warehouse, office, or home.

    Contact us today or head to our website to see our catalog of products that move the world!


    Moving heavy machinery is dangerous. You need to know what you’re doing if you want to be safe. Here are some tips to make sure your operation goes smoothly.

    Make a Plan

    Heavy machinery isn’t easy to move. You’ll need a solid plan before you even start thinking about moving anything. A clear plan for moving means having everything figured out ahead of time. You should already know what kind of equipment you will need, and you should know which moving company you’ll be working with.

    Working with a reputable moving company is the best way to ensure an easy move. In addition. you’ll want to always use to best moving equipment available to ensure safety while moving. Reputable companies almost always use the most reliable equipment, so you’ll never have to stress about getting the job done right.

    Follow Your Schedule

    Having a plan is one thing, but without a schedule, you’ll be lost. You should have a clear idea in your head of what’s happening when, where, and who’s doing what. The best schedules assign tasks to the right people at specific times and locations. This way everyone knows where they’re going and what they’re doing. Without a schedule, workers may not know what they’re doing, which is a great way to raise the risk of accident or injury.

    Check the Heavy Machinery Owner’s Manual

    You need to check the owner’s manual before moving heavy equipment. There are many variables to consider before the move that need to be locked in. It will give you guidance on what to do to avoid accidents during the move.

    It will teach you how to disconnect batteries, secure loose/vulnerable parts, empty fluids from engines, and more. Always follow the manual exactly as it instructs. It may also mention special permits you’ll need to move such large equipment. You should always double-check to make sure you are not violating any laws or codes in your area. Planning a move only for it to be halted by officials or police can set you back hugely.

    Know the Costs & Expenses

    Moving heavy equipment can be an expensive process. It involves a lot of planning, equipment, work, and time. Understanding all the possible costs of the move is imperative to make sure it goes well. Budgeting in some cushion in case of any surprises is recommended. In addition, you should consider anything that needs to be stored or transported separately.

    Use the Right Equipment

    The right equipment makes the difference between a successful move and a dangerous one. Hevi-Haul makes the best structure and machine moving equipment available. Reach out to us today if you need help picking out quality equipment that will serve it’s purpose well!

    Most construction workers or manufacturers are familiar with rigging companies. However, many others don’t know what their business is. Basically, professional rigging companies move heavy things. And no, they don’t move wooden desks or refrigerators. They move houses, office buildings, massive construction equipment, and the like. In short, they move the stuff that no one else has the tools, manpower, or experience moving.

    If you’re faced with moving an impossibly heavy object, you’ll need to hire a rigging company to move it for you. There are some things you’ll need to know before making your decision, and we’ve spelled them out below.

    What a Rigging Company Does

    A rigging company’s business breaks down into three separate parts:

    1. Load Movers

    Load movers start the rigging process by lifting the load. They take care of calculating details and staging the move. This is your hands-on team doing the heavy lifting.

    2. Truckers

    Truckers transport the load from the old location to the new one. They determine the easiest route, how long it will take, and consider all safety factors.

    3. Crane Operators

    Crane operators place the load it its new spot. They lift it using a crane and place it exactly where it needs to be.

    It’s common for a rigging company to specialize in only one of these three parts. Depending on the scope of your move, it may be to your benefit to find specialized teams to handle each part to ensure the crew’s experience. However, other companies take care of all three, which can be quicker and cheaper. It’s up to you to decide which approach works best for your specific job.

    Equipment, Experience, and Safety

    Equipment, experience, and safety are monumental factors when it comes to choosing a rigging company. How can you expect someone to take care of a job if they don’t have the right equipment to get it done? Having the right equipment is necessary for completing a successful move. How can you expect someone to take care of a job if they have no experience? You need to be certain that the company you choose has proven results, testimonials, reviews, something.

    These two factors are supplemental to the final one, safety. Safety is of the utmost importance in the rigging industry. Without the right equipment and proven experience, you cannot trust the company. Don’t cut corners to save money in this respect. Hypothetically, you want a company that moves mountains, even if you only need them to relocate a small hill. That way, you can be certain the job will be a piece of cake for them.

    Some companies may claim they can move mountains, and they might, but the equipment they use comes from Hevi-Haul. Our rigging equipment doesn’t just move mountains, we have products that move the world.

    Contact us today or check out our catalog with the best rigging equipment in the industry.


    Moving into a new home is one of the most stressful events in life. Even if everything goes perfectly, there’s just something about moving that really makes people anxious. Homes are where your family makes the most special memories. Moving into a new house can be exciting, but leaving the old one behind can be hard. If you’ve got a big move coming up, follow these tips to make this experience stress free.

    1. Plan, Plan, and Plan More!

    The best way to ensure that this move is stress-free is to plan everything in advance. Honestly, you cannot plan too much. One of the simplest and most classic methods for organizing tasks and making sure they get done is to make a to-do list. Checklists also work really well just to take inventory of everything in the home. The best way is to make a checklist and a to-do list for each room in the house. This is a simple way to categorize your tasks without getting overwhelmed by one giant list.

    The next step in your plan is to make a list of immediate to-dos and later to-dos. Immediate to-dos are things like letting your landlord or property owner notice of your move, canceling any mail subscriptions, calling moving or truck-rental companies for prices, and shopping for packing supplies. Later to-dos are things like actually packing (again, room by room is the easiest way to do it). Additionally, if you have family members or kids, you can put them in charge of their own belongings or rooms. This can take a lot of stress out of the move since it checks off items on your own to-do list.

    2. Be a Light Traveler

    It can be hard for many of us, but traveling light is the most stress-free way to move. Packing up everything except for the essentials just means less to worry about. Who knows, maybe you might like the minimalist lifestyle, even if it’s just for a bit. Decluttering your belongings goes a long way, and can help you declutter your busy brain as well. It’s also smart to consider if you want to pay to move all your large furniture/appliances, or if you simply want to sell them. Facebook’s Marketplace is one of the best ways to get some cash for things you no longer want. Then, you can use that cash to upgrade to something newer if it’s something that must be replaced. If not, you just took a step toward a less cluttered lifestyle and made some money!

    3. Pack Your Essentials Bag

    The only way to travel light, and also have everything you need when you arrive, is to pack an essentials bag. This is everything you need to live normally while moving and once you arrive at the new home. Here’s a list to make it even easier:

    • Toiletries and medications
    • Important life documents like IDs, passports, SS cards, and birth certificates
    • Chargers for all devices and computers
    • At least two changes of clean clothes
    • Cleaning supplies and paper towels
    • First aid kit
    • Cash
    • A couple of towels

    These are the bare essentials. You can also bring along food, water, and any cooking supplies if you want, but you’ll probably want to just pick up some food until you’re all settled in.

    BONUS TIP: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Some Help!

    Friends and family can seriously reduce stress during the move by helping in any way possible (especially the big and strong ones). Do not be afraid to ask for a little help, even if it’s something small. Anything you can get off your plate is a win.

    Obviously moving is a tough job. We know that as well as anyone. Hevi-Haul has been making products that literally move the world for decades now. We even make products that could pick up that house of yours and move it anywhere you want. All you have to do grab that essentials bag because you cannot be inside when that house is on the move. If you have any questions about our moving products, like utility skates or house movers, don’t hesitate to contact us here.