If your business involves moving heavy machinery, you understand the challenge of transporting these vital assets safely and efficiently. Machinery mover skates, developed by Hevi-Haul International, represent a pivotal innovation in this field, providing robust solutions since their introduction in 1938. These skates are not just tools but business enhancers, facilitating the seamless and efficient movement of heavy loads across various environments.

Understanding Machinery Moving Skates

Machinery mover skates are specialized tools for transporting heavy machinery within industrial settings. They come in various capacities, ranging from 1.5 to 100 tons per skate, and can handle a broad spectrum of machinery. These skates’ ability to distribute weight evenly makes them indispensable, ensuring stability and reducing the risk of machinery damage during transport. Their low-profile design minimizes the need for extensive load lifting, making them an ideal choice for situations where space is at a premium.

Hevi-Haul provides various machinery moving skates, each designed for specific moving challenges. 

Utility Skates: The Backbone of Diverse Machinery Movements

Our Utility Skates are celebrated for their versatility. They are ideal for both turning and linear movements and come in a variety of capacities to suit different machinery sizes. They’re perfect for transporting machinery like large generators, HVAC units, and industrial printing presses, which often need to be moved through different pathways and may require both straight and rotational adjustments during transport. Their wide stance and high weight capacity make them ideal for handling such complex and heavy equipment, providing a stable and secure platform while accommodating various movement requirements.

Straight-Line Skates: Ensuring Precision in Linear Transfers

Our Straight-Line Skates are particularly advantageous for equipment that needs to be moved consistently and linearly without turning or maneuvering around obstacles. They are ideal for transporting long, heavy objects such as structural beams, large metal or wooden planks, or modular construction elements that must maintain alignment throughout the moving process. 

This type of skate ensures that these objects are transported smoothly and efficiently over straight paths, such as through long corridors or between workstations in a manufacturing line, minimizing the risk of misalignment or damage during transit.

Compact-Swivel Skates: Mastering Maneuverability in Tight Spaces

Our Compact-Swivel Skates offer unparalleled maneuverability in tight spaces, featuring a swivel-top design for full rotation and agile positioning. They make sense for moving machinery like CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines or medical imaging equipment that require movement across a facility and precise placement within tight quarters. 

The swivel feature allows these skates to rotate 360 degrees, enabling handlers to easily navigate around corners, through narrow passages easily, and into precise locations without requiring extensive maneuvering space. This makes them a top choice for crowded workshops, busy production floors, or compact medical facilities.

Superiority Over Other Moving Equipment

When it comes to hauling heavy machinery, skates are superior to relying on other equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks alone. Forklifts, for instance, can be cumbersome and require significant operational space. Pallet jacks, meanwhile, have limited maneuverability and typically require more space for turning and positioning.

With their compact design and high weight capacity, Machinery skates offer a more efficient and less intrusive solution. They allow for closer load positioning, which is particularly advantageous in tight spaces. Additionally, the choice between steel or polyurethane-coated rollers allows for customization based on the floor type and load characteristics, enhancing versatility.

Choose Hevi-Haul for Your Machinery Moving Needs

Choosing the right equipment for moving heavy machinery is crucial for operational efficiency and workplace safety. Hevi-Haul’s machinery-moving skates have been trusted by professionals for over eight decades, reflecting a legacy of quality and reliability. If you want to improve your machinery-moving processes, consider the benefits of integrating Hevi-Haul skates into your operations.

To explore the most suitable machinery moving skates for your business needs, we invite you to contact Hevi-Haul today. We are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect skates to enhance your operational capabilities.