Benefits of Investing in Compact Swivel Skates


Benefits of Investing in Compact Swivel Skates

There are a variety of benefits that will come with investing in compact swivel skates for your light to medium load moving needs. These machinery skates offer directional control that provides stability and safety to any warehouse or industrial setting. Read on to discover why compact swivel skates may be the right choice for the

What’s The Difference Between Modified Skates and Custom Moving Skates?

If you’re in need of a heavyweight hauling solution there is a moving skate out there that can accommodate your requirements. What is a moving skate? Load moving skates are built to handle and transport heavy items like heavy machinery, buildings, and whatever else you may need to move around safely. Sometimes the items being

Different Uses For Structural Moving Skates

Structural moving skates provide an agile way to move homes, buildings, and other cumbersome structures. Building skates and beam roller skates are divided by their mobility and capacity to support different levels of weight. While beam roller skates can withstand 6 to 12 tons of weight, house and building skates are used for heavier loads

What Makes Heavy Duty Machinery Skates So Effective for Moving Heavy Equipment?

Heavy duty machinery skates are basically moving platforms that are slid underneath the equipment you intend to use. The wheels and body are built with incredibly durable materials capable of bearing thousands of pounds of weight per skate.  In the warehouse or on the factory floor, moving massive, unwieldy equipment is commonplace. Whether it’s shipping

Why Custom Moving Skates are Critical for Moving Heavy Objects

If you’re in the business of getting heavy equipment from point A to B, you know just how important moving skates are to accomplishing the task. The right skate configuration prevents damage to the load, which, given its size, is probably quite expensive. Skates also ensure the location, be it the floor of a factory

Why You Need Heavy Duty Moving Skates to Transport Large Equipment

Have you ever toured a major manufacturing plant and wondered how all those machines, some the size of small homes, got into the building in the first place? Maybe not. However, the professionals at Hevi-Haul spend a lot of time thinking about just that, as there’s a good chance their products played a critical role

The Advantages and Uses of Swivel Skates

In addition to running a profitable operation, safety is of utmost importance for any company that manufactures, ships, or installs heavy equipment. The stakes are particularly high when multi-ton pieces of equipment are sent in motion in the warehouse for shipment to clients or placement on location. It is incredibly important to use the right

How Machinery Skates Work

When it is time to move a heavy load, you are going to want to use the safest and most effective method. Machinery skates are likely going to be your best choice when it comes down to it. We know that skates are used to move these large, industrial loads, but how do machinery skates

Tools to Move Heavy Equipment without Injury

Thousands of injuries and hundreds of tragic, but preventable, deaths occur each year while moving heavy equipment. When it comes to choosing tools to move heavy equipment, safety is important to ensure your workers aren’t hurt. Injury-free moving is no accident. It is important to practice safe working habits. These safe habits are especially vital

Keeping it Local: Reasons to Support Local Businesses

It isn't hard to support local businesses. Keeping your shopping local does many different things for the community that surrounds you. Milwaukee is a vibrant city with many local companies that cover a wide array of different industries. Keeping things local nourishes the surrounding community. Support local, it gives back When you shop local, it