Heavy duty machinery skates are basically moving platforms that are slid underneath the equipment you intend to use. The wheels and body are built with incredibly durable materials capable of bearing thousands of pounds of weight per skate. 

In the warehouse or on the factory floor, moving massive, unwieldy equipment is commonplace. Whether it’s shipping products to a customer, installations, or reconfiguring the assembly line for enhanced efficiency, getting payloads where they need to be is often part of a day’s work. 

But when you’re moving heavy, often oddly shaped equipment from point A to B, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. For one, the equipment you’re moving probably represents a sizable expense to you or your customer. But, more importantly, large objects in motion are a safety hazard. You don’t want to leave anything to chance, and the most critical factor in doing it right is what’s between your payload and the floor. That’s where you’ll want to rely on heavy duty machinery skates for their safety and ease of use. 

What Makes Heavy Duty Machinery Skates So Effective? 

The design: While in concept, moving skates are simple tools, but that would underestimate the incredible range of options and configurations that they come in. The load size, use case, environment, and rolling surface all factor into the type of machinery skate that will be best for the job. For example, swivel skates are perfect for medium-sized loads that require full directional range as the swivel setup makes it easy to rotate the load. On the other hand, straight line skates work best for payloads up to 100 tons that need to be moved in a straight line to their destination. While stainless steel rollers are most common, polyurethane coated wheels may be a better option in wet conditions or if you’re trying to avoid scuffing and damage to the floor (in an aerospace clean room, for example). 

In fact, the range of designs is theoretically endless. That’s because Hevi-Haul engineers can design custom skates if a customer has a highly specific use case. Their expert staff deploys the latest in 3D, CAD software, and technology to design systems that are rugged and effective. 

The materials: In addition to a range of designs to suit the job, the materials are another distinguishing feature for machinery skates. Everything Hevi-Haul builds utilizes North American steel, CNC-machined components, and fully welded frames for enhanced strength and durability. This rugged construction and engineering know-how ensure Hevi-Haul skates won’t fail on the job and will last. You don’t want to trust your product or worker safety to cheap alternatives or improvised moving solutions. 

Safety and ease of use: High-quality heavy duty machinery skates reduce damage to people and property when you’re moving large equipment. There isn’t much more to say here. When you have the right skate for the job, and it’s built with quality materials, the chances of failure are greatly reduced. What’s more, the right configuration reduces strain and error, as it makes the payload far easier to handle and maneuver. That’s why it’s critical to go with a moving skate solution that’s tailored to the job. Of course, in addition to safety, heavy duty machinery skates improve efficiency. There’s less downtime, less trial and error, and fewer mistakes. That all translates to getting more done with the time you have each day. 

Hevi-Haul Are Your Machinery Skate Experts  

Since 1938, Hevi-Haul has been manufacturing the highest-quality heavy duty machinery skates for professional equipment movers, rigging companies, and other customers with their load moving needs. From furniture to buildings, Hevi-Haul has a skate system to suit your company’s needs. Hevi-Haul’s durable products are built to last and manufactured right here in the United States, and their team of experts can help you assemble the right tools to help you move just about anything under the sun.

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