Most construction workers or manufacturers are familiar with rigging companies. However, many others don’t know what their business is. Basically, professional rigging companies move heavy things. And no, they don’t move wooden desks or refrigerators. They move houses, office buildings, massive construction equipment, and the like. In short, they move the stuff that no one else has the tools, manpower, or experience moving.

If you’re faced with moving an impossibly heavy object, you’ll need to hire a rigging company to move it for you. There are some things you’ll need to know before making your decision, and we’ve spelled them out below.

What a Rigging Company Does

A rigging company’s business breaks down into three separate parts:

1. Load Movers

Load movers start the rigging process by lifting the load. They take care of calculating details and staging the move. This is your hands-on team doing the heavy lifting.

2. Truckers

Truckers transport the load from the old location to the new one. They determine the easiest route, how long it will take, and consider all safety factors.

3. Crane Operators

Crane operators place the load it its new spot. They lift it using a crane and place it exactly where it needs to be.

It’s common for a rigging company to specialize in only one of these three parts. Depending on the scope of your move, it may be to your benefit to find specialized teams to handle each part to ensure the crew’s experience. However, other companies take care of all three, which can be quicker and cheaper. It’s up to you to decide which approach works best for your specific job.

Equipment, Experience, and Safety

Equipment, experience, and safety are monumental factors when it comes to choosing a rigging company. How can you expect someone to take care of a job if they don’t have the right equipment to get it done? Having the right equipment is necessary for completing a successful move. How can you expect someone to take care of a job if they have no experience? You need to be certain that the company you choose has proven results, testimonials, reviews, something.

These two factors are supplemental to the final one, safety. Safety is of the utmost importance in the rigging industry. Without the right equipment and proven experience, you cannot trust the company. Don’t cut corners to save money in this respect. Hypothetically, you want a company that moves mountains, even if you only need them to relocate a small hill. That way, you can be certain the job will be a piece of cake for them.

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