Moving heavy machinery is dangerous. You need to know what you’re doing if you want to be safe. Here are some tips to make sure your operation goes smoothly.

Make a Plan

Heavy machinery isn’t easy to move. You’ll need a solid plan before you even start thinking about moving anything. A clear plan for moving means having everything figured out ahead of time. You should already know what kind of equipment you will need, and you should know which moving company you’ll be working with.

Working with a reputable moving company is the best way to ensure an easy move. In addition. you’ll want to always use to best moving equipment available to ensure safety while moving. Reputable companies almost always use the most reliable equipment, so you’ll never have to stress about getting the job done right.

Follow Your Schedule

Having a plan is one thing, but without a schedule, you’ll be lost. You should have a clear idea in your head of what’s happening when, where, and who’s doing what. The best schedules assign tasks to the right people at specific times and locations. This way everyone knows where they’re going and what they’re doing. Without a schedule, workers may not know what they’re doing, which is a great way to raise the risk of accident or injury.

Check the Heavy Machinery Owner’s Manual

You need to check the owner’s manual before moving heavy equipment. There are many variables to consider before the move that need to be locked in. It will give you guidance on what to do to avoid accidents during the move.

It will teach you how to disconnect batteries, secure loose/vulnerable parts, empty fluids from engines, and more. Always follow the manual exactly as it instructs. It may also mention special permits you’ll need to move such large equipment. You should always double-check to make sure you are not violating any laws or codes in your area. Planning a move only for it to be halted by officials or police can set you back hugely.

Know the Costs & Expenses

Moving heavy equipment can be an expensive process. It involves a lot of planning, equipment, work, and time. Understanding all the possible costs of the move is imperative to make sure it goes well. Budgeting in some cushion in case of any surprises is recommended. In addition, you should consider anything that needs to be stored or transported separately.

Use the Right Equipment

The right equipment makes the difference between a successful move and a dangerous one. Hevi-Haul makes the best structure and machine moving equipment available. Reach out to us today if you need help picking out quality equipment that will serve it’s purpose well!