If you’re in need of a heavyweight hauling solution there is a moving skate out there that can accommodate your requirements. What is a moving skate? Load moving skates are built to handle and transport heavy items like heavy machinery, buildings, and whatever else you may need to move around safely. Sometimes the items being moved are straightforward forward and a standard moving skate will suit your needs just fine. However, there are those times when a customized solution is required. Keep reading for more on our selection of modified skates and custom moving skates and why we offer both at Hevi Haul.

Our Selection of Modified Skates and Custom Moving Skates

It’s not always an easy task to determine what type of moving skate you need. When it comes to modified skates and custom moving skates, we can help you determine what’s best for your project. Oftentimes, we already have a solution that can fit the job you’re looking to carry out and it just needs a few tweaks to accommodate you fully. However, sometimes it’s necessary to build a completely unique design from the ground up. 

Modified Moving Skates

With access to the latest 3D CAD software and technology, we are able to modify any pre-existing moving skate design on the shelf. You’ll receive consultative support from beginning to end with a clear vision of what your end product will look like before we even begin modifications. Examples of modified skates we have produced for customers include:

  • BB-100 Guided Machinery Skate specially designed for the United States Air Force with a 50 ton capacity and modified with a four corner fixed width guide roller system for rolling on I-Beams.
  • TDM-200 Machinery Skate with a 100 ton capacity and the modified ability to bold the load to the skate.
  • TDM-200 Machinery Skate with a 100 ton capacity and modifications including a flat top with a modified bracing system, custom axles, rollers, bearings, outboard grease seals, and powder coated frame.
  • HM-50 House & Building Mover Skate with a 50 ton capacity and modifications including special guide widths and a custom guide roller system.
  • CS-5 Machinery Skate with a 2.5 ton capacity with modifications including a mounting plate to allow attachment to equipment.
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Custom Moving Skates

Have too many modifications and rather start from the ground up? With our 3D CAD software and technology, we can design a custom moving skate with you. Work with one of our engineers to design exactly what you need and visualize how each element will work. Examples of custom moving skates we have produced for customers include:

  • Nylon Wheel Machinery Skate with a 22 ton capacity per roller dolly over nine five inch diameter nylon rollers.
  • Guided Transformer Skate with a 60 ton capacity and a guided roller system allowing units to follow an I-Beam to keep it in a straight line while being moved. 
  • Oil Pipeline Skate with a 20 ton capacity and roller dollies that can tilt forward and backward to accommodate the moving of oil pipes.
  • V-Block Skate designed to handle 2” and 6 ½” solid steel rods for ease of motion.
  • Poly Wheel Machinery Skate with a 45 ton capacity and the ability to provide maximum security under loads with high capacity wheels while still being able to protect delicate flooring.
  • Aluminum Rail Skate System featuring four 10 ton capacity modified versions of our Model CS-25-P.
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Check Out Our Moving Skate Varieties Today

No matter what type of load you’re looking to move, with over 80 years of experience, Hevi Haul has developed a strategic process to support all moving efforts, standard or unique. Whether it’s a modification to our standard designs or a completely unique model built specifically for you, we will work directly with you to come up with the most supportive solution possible. Contact us to talk modified skates and custom moving skates and determine which solution is best for you.