For industries that involve moving heavy equipment and inventory, industrial moving skates are a vital investment. After all, purchasing proper inventory handling equipment protects inventory from damage. But, when might an industrial moving situation benefit from custom industrial moving skates? There are 3 key reasons one might invest in custom industrial moving skates for their warehouse or other industrial settings. 

Custom Industrial Moving Skates Address Many Necessary Modifications

While modified moving skates are often a great choice if you need just a few modifications from a stock moving skate option. The line between modified skates and custom-built skates can be slim. However, if you find that you need many modifications to any given stock skate in order to make it work for your intended purposes, you will definitely want to turn to the custom industrial moving skate option. 

During the development and design stages, Hevi-Haul works with you to create a model that will address your moving needs and be tailored to your requirements. We ensure that the model meets these requirements for you before proceeding with production. There are a variety of sample custom skates we have created for prior customers to demonstrate what we are capable of creating and to give you some ideas for your own specially designed moving skates. 

Custom Industrial Moving Skates Allow You to Move Unique & Heavy Loads

One of the main reasons to have your moving skates custom-made is that the skates will be tailored to your specific and unique moving circumstances. Through their specialized design, Hevi-Haul’s custom industrial moving skates meet unique demands pertaining to unusual load sizes, highly specific intended uses, and work environments that present unique challenges. That means your custom moving skates will be as steady and reliable as possible for your purposes, further ensuring minimal inventory loss due to damage. 

Custom Industrial Moving Skates Are Made With The Highest Quality & Care

Choosing custom industrial moving skates means you are choosing the highest quality materials, design, and construction, all while being tailored to your specific needs. At Hevi-Haul we combine our extensive expertise and experience with cutting-edge 3D CAD technology to design your custom moving skates.

Every moving skate we construct is designed to be rugged and long-lasting so it can be utilized for your industrial moving needs for years to come. To ensure this lasting quality, each skate is constructed with high-quality steel and component parts that are CNC machined. Our custom skates feature capacities from 1.5 to 150 tons each, depending on your specifications. 

Have Hevi-Haul Design Your Moving Skates

Now that you know 3 of the main reasons to consider investing in these types of moving skates, you can start planning what your custom skates will need to accommodate and what specifications they will likely feature. We are here to help at any stage of the process. Whether you are uncertain where to start or think you have a pretty good idea of what your custom skates might look like, we want to talk with you. We will help you plan and let you know what we are capable of creating for you. Contact us today to get the conversation started!