Hevi-Haul skate rollers have incredibly long-life spans and require very little maintenance. That’s because the individual parts that make up a Hevi-Haul machinery skate are the highest quality possible. So, let’s take a look at the functions of each part to better understand why Hevi-Haul skates are the industry-favorite.

Skate Roller Axles

The axles on our machine skates are CNC Machined right here in Wisconsin from exceptional quality, high-grade steel. We make two kinds of axles, standard and hardened. The standard axle is mostly for your typical, day-to-day applications because it’s always reliable and will get the job done. On the other hand, the hardened axles are for heavy-duty use. They’re heat-treated, stronger, and come in a variety of lengths. All our axles also come with grease fittings pre-installed.

Axles are such an important part of the skate and help make our skates strong and durable. Check out the video below for more information on Hevi-Haul axles.

Skate Rollers & Bearings

Rollers and bearings are just as important as any other part of the skate. Like the axles, rollers are CNC Machined at our Milwaukee factory. We make two kinds of rollers, steel or polyurethane (check out our blog highlighting the main differences between the two). All of our heavy machinery moving equipment can use both kinds of rollers depending on the job at hand. Keep in mind that different rollers have different capacity ratings, so make sure your skate meets all the requirements for your move.

Rollers are the part of the skate that makes the move smooth and easy. Check out this video below for more info on our rollers and bearings.


Hardware is the last integral part of a Hevi-Haul skate. It’s what holds all the key pieces together and makes sure it all stays in place. From swivel plates to socket caps, we supply all the hardware you need to make sure your skate rolls perfectly every time.

Here’s a video explaining how to install different parts on our utility skates.

Overall, Hevi-Haul’s skate rollers are the best in the industry. They’re seriously durable and require hardly any maintenance. If you have any questions about our machinery skates and their individual parts, don’t hesitate to contact us!