If you’re in the business of getting heavy equipment from point A to B, you know just how important moving skates are to accomplishing the task. The right skate configuration prevents damage to the load, which, given its size, is probably quite expensive. Skates also ensure the location, be it the floor of a factory or a sterile food processing plant, isn’t scuffed, gouged, or dented in the process. However, most importantly, moving skates reduce physical strain and the injuries that can result, while also allowing crews to work swiftly.

There are myriad standard skate setups available on the market, and odds are a solution is already available. But heavy objects come in unconventional shapes and sizes, and the environments where they need to be installed can vary substantially. Maybe it’s too heavy or the worksite presents a unique challenge. If nothing on the market seems to be the right fit, you’ll probably need to consider custom moving skates.

Why Custom Moving Skates are Critical for Moving Heavy Objects

Hevi-Haul has over 80 years of experience building custom moving skates, and our expert staff deploys the latest in 3D, CAD software, and technology to design systems that are rugged and effective. Our engineers can modify an existing design or build something entirely new. We work with customers every step of the way, from ideation to deployment, to tailor a product that fits your requirements. Everything Hevi-Haul builds utilizes North American steel, CNC-machine components, and fully welded frames for enhanced strength and durability.

Do you need custom moving skates for your job? Given these are all unique products, here are a few things to consider along with solutions Hevi-Haul has devised for customers in the past. 

The load is unusual

For the most part, customers turn to Hevi-Haul custom solutions because the object they’re moving is a unique shape or is incredibly heavy. Whether it’s moving 10 tons or 60 tons, a transformer or segments of oil pipe, the weight, and shape of the object you need to move are often what drives a custom solution.

For example, a while back Hevi-Haul built a custom moving skate solution for an oil and gas company located in the Middle East. For a large-scale construction project, this client needed a system that could help move various diameters of oil pipe across hundreds of skates. The Hevi-Haul team devised two solutions for two applications that could handle pipe diameters of 3 inches to 30 inches. Non-marking, polyurethane-coated rollers were incorporated into the design to protect the pipes. 

Hevi-Haul also custom-built a moving dolly for a large transformer manufacturer. A team of engineers pulled together a custom solution using the latest design technology and has a capacity of 60 tons. 

You have a highly specific use case in mind for your moving skates

Perhaps you need custom moving skates for a unique operation or business process. Think about every action that will be required to move the load, as every consideration will shape the end solution. Fortunately, given the highly consultative design process, Hevi-Haul engineers will find a creative, effective solution. 

A Norwegian oilfield services company, for example, contacted Hevi-Haul after seeing one of our solutions in action at another firm. The company had what was essentially a very heavy, large-diameter hose reel turned on its side. They wanted a skate that they could lay out in a precise pattern to create a circle. Hevi-Haul designed a series of slightly curved skates that, when laid end to end, formed a 15-foot diameter circle. The end product was the right fit for the job and the system could handle a 250-ton load. 

Going back to the transformer manufacturer from the prior example, Hevi-Haul’s solution included a guide roller system that allowed the unit to run along an I-beam. That kept the moving skate in a straight line while the load was being moved. 

The work environment presents unique challenges

Finally, you may require a custom moving skate solution if you’ll be working in a challenging environment. This is often the case in aerospace operations that utilize clean rooms in the assembly process. There are also special considerations if the skates will be used in food production, temperature-controlled environments, or will be exposed to water or chemicals. 

Hevi-Haul designed a solution that utilized nine, five-inch diameter rollers with a capacity of 22 tons per roller. They used stainless steel axles and nylon rollers because the skate would often be submerged in water. Hevi-Haul can alter the materials used in the rollers, for example, to prevent damaging floors or providing traction in slick environments. 

Where There’s a Moving Problem, There’s a Custom Moving Skate Solution

When nothing on the market seems to be a fit and you’re feeling stumped for a solution, it’s time to get creative. But you don’t want to jerry-rig a solution or settle on a design that “might” work — the cost of failure is too high. That’s why custom moving skates from Hevi-Haul are critical for moving heavy objects. The expert engineers and Hevi-Haul have been doing this for decades and will help you arrive at an ideal solution that’s tailored to your needs and leaves nothing in doubt. Our design process, choice of materials, and assembly process ensure you’ll get the job done without a hiccup, safely and on time. Contact us today to learn more about our custom moving skate solutions!