Having seen one of our custom designs at the facility of one of our other customers, a Norwegian Oilfield Services company, our new customer came to us looking for something for a similar project. They had a very heavy, large diameter reel, best described as a giant hose reel turned on it’s side. They wanted a skate that they could lay out in a precise pattern to create a circle.

To give a better understanding of the size of this reel, if you lay all of the skates they required end to end it forms a 15 foot diameter circle. The layout in which they will be mounted will be spread much further apart, so it’s quite large. In all we supplied our customer with an overall load capacity of 250 tons, or 500,000 pounds!

Each base plate was laser burned to precise measurements using 3/4″ thick plate, including laser burned bolt hole patterns located on all four corners. The bolt hole pattern will be used to secure these dollies right to the floor of the reel. Due to contact with sea water, each wheel was custom manufactured with one of our CNC machines to accept a sealed bearing.

We laid several of these roller dollies out end to end in some of the below pictures to better show the arced design.

Technical Specifications

Serial Number » 31310

Capacity » 10 Tons Each Individual Skate

Roller Material » Steel

Length » 15″

Width » 16.32″

Height » 5″

Weight » 114 lbs.

Paint » Hevi-Haul Red

IMPORTANT! This skate is a modified or custom product. Please reference the skate on this page by it’s serial number. » Hevi-Haul, Customer Service