This High Capacity 100 Ton Industrial Roller Dolly is a modified version of our model TDM-200. The modification features a custom drilled & tapped hole pattern to accept a removable guide roller system (not shown) of adjustable width guide rollers for rolling on I-Beams. The end user already has a modified set of our model BB-100 with the same drilled and tapped hole pattern and removable guide roller system. Now they can switch between their 50 Ton Capacity model and this 100 Ton Capacity model.

Technical Specifications

Serial Number » 31230

Capacity » 100 Tons

Roller Material » Steel

Length » 30-1/2″

Width » 12″

Height » 5-1/4″

Weight » 235 lbs.

Paint » Hevi-Haul Red

IMPORTANT! This skate is a modified or custom product. Please reference the skate on this page by it’s serial number. » Hevi-Haul, Customer Service