Our customer liked the design of our compact skates, particularly Model CS-5, due to it’s small size and load capacity of 2.5 tons. Although the original design fit the needs of their application, our versatility on design allowed us to provide them more than an acceptable option — a perfect option.

The standard swivel top wasn’t required and they instead wanted something that they could mount right to their equipment and leave there as long as needed. They also wanted them to be removable. Using their requested hole sizes, we developed a mounting plate for the CS-5 which is welded to the top of our standard frame in lieu of a swivel plate. Since the customer’s mounting surface isn’t always precise we had the mounting holes switched to slots that were laser burned from a solid block of steel to allow for some variance in the hole positions. We provided them with a 3D CAD model of our design prior to their issuance of a purchase order so that they could incorporate it into their design and see how it would work.

At Hevi-Haul the versatility in our designs and the quality of our products is what sets us apart. We’re always interested in new challenges and helping our customers achieve their goals with products that move the world.

Technical Specifications

Serial Number » 31178

Capacity » 2.5 Tons

Roller Material » Steel

Length » 8-1/8″

Width » 10″

Height » 4-3/8″

Weight » 31 lbs.

Paint » Hevi-Haul Red

IMPORTANT! This skate is a modified or custom product. Please reference the skate on this page by it’s serial number. » Hevi-Haul, Customer Service