3 Tips to Improve Heavy Equipment Maintenance

If your business uses heavy machinery, then you know how difficult heavy equipment maintenance can be.

If something goes wrong on a large machine, it can be out of commission for a long time due to the cost and length of repairs. You want to ensure that, as much as possible, this doesn’t happen. So, read on to learn three ways to improve your machinery maintenance.

1. Preventative Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Your heavy machines will always need maintenance, but it is much better to get ahead of maintenance problems rather than risk being too late.

Committing to a preventative maintenance program will help you to get ahead. True, it’s a bit of a policy shift from the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, but in the long-run it will be better for your machines.

With preventative maintenance, maintenance never stops. That means taking care of little issues with your machines as they occur. That way, none of them become big issues later on.

Ongoing preventative maintenance needs more diligence and attention than other methods. For instance, equipment inspections are necessary, and testing each machine’s performance is crucial.

The biggest benefit is that if you are on top of your preventive maintenance schedule, the only major repairs you should have to do are typically the result of accidents. And, by taking care of your equipment, you will extend the life of your machines and find that they run at full capacity for much longer than you anticipated.

2. Add Lubricants

Another important part of machinery maintenance is adding and testing lubrication.

Properly applying the right lubricants to a machine eases any friction or tension that may be happening between moving parts. More importantly, regular lubrication keeps your equipment running as smoothly as possible.

Our suggestions:

  • Lubrication should be near the top of your list of maintenance priorities.
  • During your regular checks, always look for buildup and other sources that prevent moving parts from working well.
  • Test and check your lubricants. If you are using fluids that contain particles or other contaminants, you could be doing major damage to your machine.

3. Use Good Skates When Moving

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your heavy machines is to use high-quality skates.

There are many different kinds of skates, all suited for particular types of machines. Not sure which type of skate is right for you? Take some time to browse our catalog—we have a large selection of different types and styles. 

Purchasing skates for your heavy machines will ensure that they have safe and smooth transitions from place to place. And you will greatly reduce the risk of damaging your machines.

Need Help Moving Your Heavy Machinery During Maintenance?

It’s not unlikely that your machinery maintenance program will require moving heavy equipment around. If that’s the case and you need a safe, reliable way to move your heavy machinery, contact us today. We can help you find the right skates for your needs.