Guide: Our Varied Collection of Custom Skates

Whether you are moving heavy machinery, performing structural moving or are a rigging company, you need to have options when choosing skates. You also need to know that the skates you use are durable and have been designed to fit your exact needs. We excel in manufacturing custom skates of different varieties to fit your specifications.

We use North American Steel and CNC-machined components to ensure strength and reliability. We also employ 3D CAD technology to design your custom skates prior to the production process. This helps ensure an end product that meets your requirements.

Custom Skates for Different Capabilities

To help you get an idea of the type of skates we can produce, we’ve put together this guide showcasing our varied collection.

Custom 10 Ton Reel Skate

The customer had a need for a skate they could lay out in a circle to create a precise shape. This was for a large diameter reel. All the skates were laid end to end in order to create a 15-foot diameter circle.

Each base plate was laser burned using a 3/4 inch thick plate. A laser-burned hole is located on each corner which is used to secure the dollies to the floor of the reel.

Custom 60 Ton Guided Transformer Skate

Made for the manufacturer of large transformers, these utilized a guide roller system which allows the units to follow along an I-beam in order to maintain a straight line while transporting the load.

The roller system is a fixed width and the guides are removable. Larger diameter axles, wheels, and bearings were used in this design.

Custom 20 Ton Oil Pipeline Skate

This custom design was built to accommodate dollies moving various sizes of oil pipe across hundreds of skates. Two different applications were developed for this project.

The skates produced can handle an overall capacity of 20 tons. They tilt forward and backward to accommodate the pipe. We used our polyurethane rollers to protect the pipe.

Custom 45 Ton Poly Wheel Machinery Skate

The customer required a roller dolly with a large footprint of stability with high-capacity wheels. This had to be designed to be able to protect their flooring.

The frame is made entirely of steel and welded. Steel cleats embed into skids or timber placed between the skate and the load.

Custom 22 Ton Nylon Wheel Machinery Skate

This design includes 22 tons of capacity per roller over nine 5 inch diameter nylon rollers. Stainless steel axles are used.

The top of the skate has a flat top with a custom drilled hole pattern in 12 places in order to mount the loads.

Custom 1.5 Ton V-Bloke Skate

This design was made to handle 2 and 6.5-inch diameter steel rods for ease of motion. The top of the frame is fitted with high-molecular polyethylene to be used as guide blocks.

The bottom of the frame has four mounting holes for attaching to an existing structure.

Skates to Fit Your Needs

These custom skates were designed to provide a specific function and to fit the customer’s specs. If you need a custom design to accommodate your needs, contact us today.